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anxiety getting help and how I will be viewed as a parent.

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notmakingsense Mon 17-Mar-14 08:45:27

I have posted once before about my anxiety. Briefly it focuses on money and if there is enough to the point that I hate buying things and budget and do calculations over half a dozen times a day when at worst but also spirals off into worries about how clean my home is and whether im a good enough mum. My p doesn't understand and I often find myself feeling resentful and wondering if our relationship works anymore though im aware that this could be down to how im feeling. If however its not will seeking help and perhaps starting medication and counselling affect how I am viewed as a parent im my childrens main carer would being treated mean my p would be more likely to get to be the residential parent? I know its not right to think like that but im worried about taking getting help to the next level due to this. I am currently awaiting blood test results to see if my anxiety has an 'organic' source and have a low dose beta blocker . Help please.

notmakingsense Tue 25-Mar-14 05:01:51

Ok im very anxious again sad my poor ds has been up being sick pretty much since 2am even water is coming back up im so very worried about him how I will cope when p is away to work with both dc about whether youngest will catch it and whether I will get it as I dong want to have to take time off work blush which is obvs silly to worry about losing money while either me or a dc is ill im so ashamed of these thoughts but cannot shake them.

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