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Anxiety plus illness. Newly 'diagnosed' - please help

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Poppet13 Sat 15-Mar-14 22:52:47

I've only posted on here once before, but felt like this was the perfect place to ask for advice.

Not sure where to start... I'm 23.
I suffer alot with sickness, for years i've felt sick near on everyday and thought it was normal? I've also suffered from fainting, which often follows the nausea (as well as having hot 'flushes' if you will)

Looking back at the situation these symptoms occur, it's generally when I'm feeling anxious. And now it's finally all fitting together and making sense.

In the past when I've fainted it's been very public, and now I really struggle to go to places with crowds of people for fear of fainting, which I can usually feel its coming on due to the nausea.

I also struggle with food, and I don't eat masses and really panic when I'm put in a 'dining' situation. I hate going for meals with others as I feel so under pressure to eat everything and I just can't do that. I had lunch with my brother last week, got over heated and felt sick and ate literally nothing. I felt so bad but I can't help it. If I'm home with DP we tend to make tea when I am especially hungry, and I try and eat what I can plus pick if I don't finish. (He's very lovely and supportive, as I'm such a pain!)

I went to London Thursday for a trip with my partner, and ended up so ill we came home early so I could go to the doctors. I panicked due to the sheer amount of people, no where to sit (Sounds silly, i know) and getting hot. He's given me tablets for sickness (cyclizine) for the physical feelings but hopefully we will delve deeper.

I'm really struggling with this and wondered if anyone has had the same, or suffers from similar symptoms? I would love some advice.

Sorry if this makes no sense!

tiaramasu Sun 16-Mar-14 08:47:50

London is crowded! Was there myself last week and was surprised how busy it was on a ordinary week day in the middle of March.

Have there been things in your past that you have struggled to deal with?

Poppet13 Sun 16-Mar-14 11:13:54

It's very crowded! And people there are so different, they just don't pay attention to anyone but themselves. Completely different world.

I don't think there's really been anything in my past. I've always been very sickly, but nothing out of the ordinary. I worry too much and think too much of what 'could' happen and I think that's what I do here, but it's mad to affect me the way it does just from that sad

tiaramasu Sun 16-Mar-14 15:09:47

Have you ever seen a GP about all of this?

sanschocolat Sun 16-Mar-14 19:11:37

I am not a medical expert but have experienced something similar when younger. I still feel uncomfortable in crowds, packed tubes, packed theatres and busy waiting rooms (especially ones without windows) now!

Hope this doesn't sound bossy grin but suggest:

1. You need to see your GP, get a thorough blood test done, testing all eventualities such as iron deficiency, diabetes, liver/gastric probs etc etc (It's not unheard of to have a physical cause which has gone on to trigger pyschological symptoms).

2. Constant nausea is not normal and should be investigated (endoscopy/colonscopy?).

3. Once all physical symptoms have been ruled out (if you are sure nausea only occurs when you are in stressful situations for example), then it sounds like you need to have some sort of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you deal with anxiety which can cause very strong physical symptoms such as you describe.

When you have CBT, it teaches you that fear builds when you are anticipating a stressful situation, and then peaks while you are undergoing it. If you "run out" of the situation when the fear is at its highest and don't stick with it until it dissipates, or you avoid getting yourself in to those sorts of situations in the first place, then the fear builds up and up and up each time. (Imagine building a wall of bricks each time you 'avoid'). Then imagine deconstructing the wall, brick by brick, each time you manage to stick with the fear, or go deliberately and do something that makes you anxious.

That is roughly it, but you need a professional to explain it to you properly!

This website might help!

Good luck.

Tackle it now while you are young! smile

Poppet13 Sun 16-Mar-14 21:13:34

I went to the GP when I returned from London :-)
He gave me omeprazole to try for two months for acid, just to rule it out, really. And cyclizine which is for the nausea itself. I'm to return in a month or two and update them.

If obviously the tablets don't make much of a difference, or other situations arise etc, I believe they are going to start looking into the anxiety side of it.

He did mention an endoscopy but I think he was reluctant because of my age, apparently it's usually the older generation they do that to and it shouldn't be a problem at this time.

sanschocolat Is CBT essentially counselling? Or another form of it? Because I may look into that, maybe just talking things through will help a little. And I'll have a look at that website too.

Thank you both for your advice :-)

sanschocolat Sun 16-Mar-14 21:24:03

Great you have seen gp! smile

this website explains a bit more about CBT

Yes, it is a talking therapy. But it focuses on the 'here and now' rather than past childhood problems etc.

ownedbycat Mon 17-Mar-14 12:55:56

I recognise the nausea and hot flushes as signs of my anxiety attacks.
Which degenerated into a bout of depression.

Best advice I've had (apart from seeing my Dr and getting antidepressants) was to use meditation on the breath, relaxing and focussing on my breathing, and letting the intrusive thoughts go.
Takes me about 5-10 minutes each time, and really helps me.

I'm starting counselling myself next week.
That took two months for the GP to organise.

So long that in the meantime I found a local Mind meeting group 5 minutes from my house in a local church hall, and have been in onetoone sessions there.
I also talked to Headway locally, and had support from them.
And my local pharmacist, also recommended meditation.
So that's the same advice (which I've found helpful) from four different sources.

For me it works, for you? Honestly I have no idea if it will or not.

tiaramasu Mon 17-Mar-14 15:27:16

As regards the dining situations, I personally often leave bits on my plate.

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