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Post natal anxiety and baby sling

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snowqu33n Thu 06-Mar-14 05:41:37

So, DS is almost 3 months, putting on weight well and everyone says he is fine.
I am a bag of nerves and as we are first time parents I keep thinking things are abnormal. I have had to get reassurance about runny poo, sleeping with head always on the same side etc. etc.
Today I am having a panic attack because when DS was in the sling (moby wrap) at the supermarket he fell asleep when we got to the till, and then was sleepy in the car and still sleepy this afternoon in the house. I am panicking that maybe I tied the sling too tight and made him short of breath.
Is that even possible without the baby making a fuss when I first put him in? He had his head free of the cloth and was kind of looking around to begin with. Should I be worried? He has been eating OK.
What can I do to calm down? Has anyone else had this kind of anxiety?

TribbleWithoutATardis Thu 06-Mar-14 05:45:59

Ok first off, with the baby sling. A Moby has a lot of stretch to the fabric, so he won't have been too tight in there without you noticing. You would have been uncomfortable as well.

As for being sleepy, both mine have done the same thing when they're having a growing day. They'll sleep loads and just generally have an easy day of it.

Hope that helps.

snowqu33n Thu 06-Mar-14 09:24:12

Thank you, that did make me feel better.

tammyz25 Thu 06-Mar-14 14:41:38

You are just fine smile I use a Baby K'tan carrier (similar to a Moby, just no wrapping) and my little one falls asleep in it right away and then also has days that he continues sleeping. No need to worry so much. It sounds like you are great Momma! It can be nerve wracking with your first babe, but that's normal.

Millie2013 Thu 06-Mar-14 19:58:53

Have you got a sling group/library locally? They seen to be very popular now and they can help with positioning, etc

Being nervous is very normal, I was borderline neurotic! Keep asking for advice and reassurance, socialise, join groups and chat to other mums, as this can help to normalise it all. If you do feel like you are getting unhealthily anxious, please have a chat with your GP or HV

snowqu33n Sun 09-Mar-14 04:39:41

Thanks for the responses. I might try a carrier that doesn't need so much adjusting. The Moby was highly recommended and it seems simple but it feels awkward to get him in and out of it and he never seems to be in the same position each time. It can't hurt to check out some other types.

Mutley77 Mon 10-Mar-14 02:30:19

Hi, I think it is hormones - I was definitely prone to it and if anything was more anxious with my third than my first - partly to do with a more limited support network this time too! It does pass - DC3 is now 9 months old and I don't have those same feelings now - I would say by 6 months it will be a lot better.... On the other hand if you feel overly anxious, as a pp said, no harm in chatting to GP.

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