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Memory problems / Dementia or peri-menopause? Worry about effect on new job!

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WotchOotErAPolis Tue 04-Mar-14 10:23:09

I know this was an old / deleted thread, but I'm starting it up again! I am about to start a new job [hooray] and am getting very apprehensive! It's a part-time role as a General Administrator for the county's services for vulnerable adults - organising social workers diaries, meetings etc and general admin in the office. I spent the last 2 years running my own business but the previous 15 years I've been a FTM, apart from a couple of short-term IT contracts.

The worry is that my memory seems dreadful and has been getting worse over the last couple of years [I'm now 50]. I also seem to be having trouble with my comprehension esp when it comes to text messages and often seem to end up with what [at the moment] can be hilarious 'misunderstandings' with friends. I am getting a reputation for being eccentric and very 'ditsy', which I guess is true and I can live with! I've always been a little unconventional, lets say!

In interviews I'm absolutely fine and they seem to have every confidence in my abilities, having done well in pre-interview tests.

I worry that my 'ditsiness' is going to affect my work, although it's amazing how organised and professional I can be when I'm being paid for it!

Am I just getting old, or is this the start of dementia/alzheimers, or am I just stupid?

anotherplace Tue 04-Mar-14 11:03:57

Same problem here I'm afraid. Yesterday I even visited the wrong client and had an irate phone call from my boss demanding to know why I hadn't been to see whatsis name.

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