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"putting the SPRING back in our step - village support for depression and anxiety"

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LEMmingaround Mon 03-Mar-14 21:29:39

Heres the new thread guys. What is this, thread 9?

This is a thread that is situated in a virtual village of support for those suffering from mental health issues, or just those struggling with what life throws at them.

Please feel free to join in.

ColouringInQueen Mon 03-Mar-14 21:34:06

Thanks lem anxiety has left me spaced out today - hoping tomorrow is better.

LEMmingaround Mon 03-Mar-14 21:38:05

yes - lets hope so flowers

TemperamentalAroundCorvids Mon 03-Mar-14 21:54:27

Hello all, am having a nice time, managing to get things done in a slow kind of way, attempting to get my eating and sleeping into some sort of healthier routine, and hopeful for good things in the coming months.

Thanks for the thread LEM. I knew you'd have thought of all possible ways of persuading your DM <sigh> and [hugs].

DumDum32 Mon 03-Mar-14 21:57:11

Thanks lem marking place....

DumDum32 Mon 03-Mar-14 22:02:43

Oh god I'm finding myself getting really frustrated and angry at DD as she will not go to sleep angry arghhhhh

TemperamentalAroundCorvids Mon 03-Mar-14 22:54:15

How old is she? Old enough to get her to count up to 100 (or 1000 depending on age)? - which sometimes worked for me if they wouldn't settle.

TemperamentalAroundCorvids Mon 03-Mar-14 22:55:44

* them counting, not me! I would leave as soon as they started counting...

DumDum32 Tue 04-Mar-14 13:56:38

She's 3 and a half TAC counting works up to 20 then miraculously goes to 100 grin. She finally feel asleep at midnight, just dropped her off to nursery now getting ready for my group therapy. Sleep was rough again last night but at least I got some smile

Hope all are doing well today [daffodil]

DumDum32 Tue 04-Mar-14 13:57:58

Oops daffodil's are gone sad angry sad

SnowyMouse Tue 04-Mar-14 14:36:57

Good luck with the group therapy, DD32! Have some cake or thanks instead?

Thanks for the thread LEM

Sounds good TAC smile

I'm feeling rather rough, someone from cmht is coming tomorrow.

ColouringInQueen Tue 04-Mar-14 14:37:35

hope your group therapy goes ok dd

sorry if brief, one handed typing...

Back from counselling. Helpful to clarify whats going on with me - ie anxiety building over the last couple of weeks and pretty high now. Convo at college last week plus the pressure of two painting commissions. Thought I was ready for commissions but after initial excitement calmed down, major anxiety. Am rather disappointed in myself tbh, had been sooo much better jan and feb. Think I will have to delay commissions and I don't like letting people down, esp when I was so enthusiastic. Was thinking of telling the nice school mum who babysat dd (off school today) what has been going on, but one thing counsellor said in the discussion stuck with me - do you want to define yourself by this? Also explored the fact that at times like this (when I'm not so good) I seek people to look after me... which makes a lot of sense (and related to having a very young vulnerable mother I think)

LEMmingaround Tue 04-Mar-14 15:01:05

I think the counsellor talks alot of sense, CiQ - do you not turn to your DH to do that? I find i don't turn to DP anymore, that is no reflection on him but it puts him under pressure i think and he doesn't respond well. I think the risk with telling other people is the feeling that you are wanting them to help you in some way, when you aren't but i think even the kindest of folk find it very difficult. That doesn't mean you have to suffer in silence, if you need help you have to reach out for it, but its har do find someone you can trust with that responsibility. Of course, you always have us smile

I am knackered, i have been "working" sanding down kitchen doors for DP, OMFG it was like torture, and i still have more to do. I didn't enjoy it but it was good for me. I have decided to go on a diet - both dp and myself are overweight and its scaring me - i can't bear the thought of DDs being without one of us, or god forbid both. But if we don't start taking care of ourselves that is starting to look like a reality. It is really playing on my mind - so its pancake day today, one last blow out and then a diet (of sorts) for lent.

DD i hope your dd manages to get some sleep tonight, and You, more importantly,, being shattered makes it all so much harder to deal with.

ColouringInQueen Tue 04-Mar-14 18:03:39

Thanks lem I don't tend to turn to DH for support as I don't find him v helpful and then I just get annoyed with him on top of everything else.

Having you all is a BIG help.

Well to top it all DD has just been spectacularly sick over a third of the kitchen. Turns out I should have taken her temperature today as just after being sick it was 39.2. Yuck yuck yuck. Tummy bug or just vomiting due to high fever? Lots of handwashing required... Have seriously gone off my pancakes... DD won't be back at school for a bit which means I will prob have to miss college on Thur which is my favourite day of the week sad

ColouringInQueen Tue 04-Mar-14 18:05:57

Or maybe not, from dh's diary it looks like he could work from home (glimmer of light at end of tunnel)

LEMmingaround Tue 04-Mar-14 18:12:45

Could be either or re the tummy bug/fever - that is a high temp. Calpol/ibrurpofen and bed i think! Was thinking about your art commisions, could you take the pressure off by postponing but doing it anyway, for yourself, then if you are happy with it, commision done! If not, you'll know what to change for when you do do it? Do make your DH work from home tomorrow, you need to go to college if you can.

ColouringInQueen Tue 04-Mar-14 18:21:31

Hmmm interesting idea. I'm not sure whether once I'm briefed I will stress more....! I think if I had somewhere at home to paint that might be an option - but I can't face paying out for studio space/being brave enough to rock up somewhere new! Well not tonight anyway!

SnowyMouse Tue 04-Mar-14 19:05:25

I calorie counted yesterday (put on lots of weight), but blew it with pancakes today. I use an app called myfitnesspal which is free and calorie counts for you. Good luck LEM

Sorry DD is ill CIQ. I hope she recovers soon and nobody catches it.

ColouringInQueen Tue 04-Mar-14 22:39:02

Thanks snowy. I'm not sure she'll be back at school this week, but to be fair she's been a good patient!

I am so knackered now, but also not enamoured by another day at home. I think I could do with a good walk in the sun... hey ho.

take care all x

hoochymama1 Wed 05-Mar-14 09:59:20

Thanks for the new thread Lem, hope dd is better, also hope same for Ciq dd and DD's dd! Poor dd's thanks

Interesting what counsellor said, Ciq I am tempted to tell people too, but we are more than just our illness.

Gosh everyone sounds so tired. Bad time of year.

Just off to PiL's house with dh, whilst they come here and look after the two dc still at home. Cheap holiday, and no kids! Have to drive to Norfolk though, dh having a relapse sad

Feel so tired though. This job is so hard, I'm going to give it a year, to get fully qualified, then jack it in. Too much for me!

Lots of love to you snowy, MFP is a bit of fun!

Hope everyone has a good day smile

this is funny, dd sent it me

Kerosene Wed 05-Mar-14 11:35:36

Hi all, didn't realise this subforum was here, have mostly been hanging around in Chat and AIBU.

Has anyone tried the Headspace app? My GP has recommended that I look into mindfulness as a technique while waiting for Talking Therapies to find some space for me. A lot of the mindfulness stuff I've come across seems a bit.... Californian? Lots of really positive affirmations, which triggers my sarcasm reflex. The narrator is English, and (for the entire two days I've been doing it) seems chilled and laid back, rather than positive and affirmative. Not sure whether to continue with it, or look at other resources - I feel good while I'm doing the meditation, but once I've finished, the first thing to come back is the blues, and I'm now stressing about the three jobs I've put in for.


ColouringInQueen Wed 05-Mar-14 12:08:47

Hi Kerosene welcome and make yourself at home! This is a lovely thread to offload, share ideas and support each other as much as you want and are able to.

I've looked at mindfulness too (though have fallen off the wagon recently) I did find it helpful - especially the having a bit more detachment from your thoughts (negative ones) and trying to view them floating by, rather than believing them to be real things (if that makes any sense!) Like you I also have a strong sarcasm reflex (great way of putting it!) but have found this book with accompanying guided meditations good.

mindfulness book

Jobhunting is stressful at the best of times. Take care.

Hi hoochy glad you found us. Are you doing a social work type thing?
Hope you find the weekend a good break. Can you make it super easy with ready meals/takeaways so you can rest up too. Really sorry to hear about your dh.

Dd is doing better today. Has some colour in her cheeks smile

My head is not right. But I did manage to get out in the sun in the garden and did some gardening for an hour so feel pleased about that. Back to the walking in treacle thing which I haven't had for a while. Trying not to panic and take it easy now til school pick-up.

hoochymama1 Wed 05-Mar-14 15:06:43

Hi Kerosene yes that book that Ciq recommends is one that I have done, it's stuff I use every day, worth having a go. But it's a bit tedious learning how to do it.

Yes, Ciq it's SW, I must be mad, well, I am mad confused

Had a good day, lunch with a friend, she does a similar job and gave me a good talking to about not missing lunch and not working too hard hmm

I spent my christmas monsoon vouchers, and had a coffee with dh. He's getting better smile

Now sitting down with brew and cake.... bliss


hoochymama1 Wed 05-Mar-14 15:09:08

((( Ciq ))), garden and sunlight are good, it'll pass smile

hoochymama1 Wed 05-Mar-14 15:10:34

((( Ciq ))), garden and sunlight are good, it'll pass smile

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