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Advice on going to GP RE: anxiety/possible depression

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MrsGoose0 Sat 01-Mar-14 20:47:03

Hi everyone, any advice here would be much appreciated and very helpful. Long explanation - I'm sorry!

Have been what you'd describe as a 'worrier' all of my life, even as a child but never really anything that caused a great deal of disruption to my life.
In the last couple of years though my worrying has become something more both in its intensity and level of disruption.
I have constant low level anxiety, which I manage to cope fairly well with but it is punctuated with periods of crippling anxiety which I feel I'm increasingly unable to deal with. I've never been great with change or things I don't fully understand, and quite often something like this acts as a trigger to a period of high anxiety. I obsess over whatever it is. My last 'obsession' was our first electricity bill in our new house, was convinced it was going to be extortionate and out of our ability to pay. My mind was filled with worry about this bloody bill for weeks and weeks for no real reason other than I was paying quarterly for the first time.
When highly anxious I find it massively difficult to concentrate on anything (a problem at the moment as I am trying to plough through a masters full time.) A similar period before Christmas just went on forever and began to take a physical toll, I completely lost my appetite, got migraines far more regularly, was completely knackered all the time and began to look really ill. At Christmas family commented on how much weight I had lost with some concern. Now I realise I was probably depressed again; I had absolutely no motivation to do anything (avoided going in to tutorials a couple of times saying I was ill because I simply could not face getting out of bed), no appetite, no self esteem - hated myself - thought I was useless and stupid and why couldn't I cope when other people could, absolutely nothing resembling a sex drive. I became a bit of a recluse.
A number of my anxieties are social - I'm not good around drunks, big crowds, people I don't know, sometimes people I do know. I've had panic attacks about going to parties where I know everyone there in the past. I also have a horrendous fixation about certain members of my family dying; for years certain things regarding elderly ladies have brought on panics or hysterics about my Nan (94) dying - I remember this happening when I was a child, so this is nothing new. More recently, as my parents have hit 60 I've started having similar reactions about them. I know that death of a loved one is bound to make you upset, but I feel this is beyond that. Its horrible and hits me at night time, and I just don't sleep then.

Have finally decided (in a relatively good period) that enough is enough and I have to go talk to someone - firstly because I don't want to have to cope with it any more but also as that I can be absolute hell to live with, and I don't feel its fair to inflict that upon DP. My DM has similar issues to me and has never sought help and my DF just got on with it and took it, something which endlessly frustrated me as a teenager - I realised I was being a hypocrite but building the courage was hard. Also would like the doctor to be aware as I worry about having a bad spell at this work heavy end of my course - feel it would stand me in better stead should I need to inform tutors etc.

So, after that horribly long explanation - is the doctor going to be able to suggest anything useful, and how best I approach an appointment without sounding like the rambling fool I seem to be in this post?

furlinedsheepskinjacket Sat 01-Mar-14 20:54:59

I read a long list of symptoms to my gp - I asked him first if he minded

he gave me a prescription for meds

it will be fine


OuterFromOutersville Sat 01-Mar-14 21:00:16

MrsG, I just wrote a list of symptoms for my GP, then chatted to her while she read them. It was fine smile.

Good luck.

AnnabelleDarling Sat 01-Mar-14 21:06:24

My teenage ds has been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. After quite a wait we finally got an appointment with a psychologist for CBT. We have had a few sessions now and it is starting to make a difference. I am with him during the sessions and I find it really interesting and helpful to me to even though I wouldn't really regard myself as suffering from anxiety.

She is teaching him to see the link between how he is thinking and how it influences his feeling and then his behaviour. I would highly recommend it, and I think an adult would get the idea, and see the benefits pretty quickly.

Do talk to your GP. Anxiety really affects your quality of life and you deserve help to deal with it.

MrsGoose0 Sun 02-Mar-14 10:42:46

Thank you for your help. Writing things down sounds like a great idea, I always get a bit flustered when they ask you 'so how can I help' anyway, so a list would ensure I don't forget anything and also don't turn into a blubbering mess at any point.

Thank you for all your wishes of luck and kind words. Am hoping this is one of those things that feels like a much bigger deal before you do it.

ShyGirlie Sun 02-Mar-14 16:22:36

I could have written your post. Not studying but work in a very pressurised job. At work is the only time i feel i have any motivation, but yet at the same time it is the cause of a lot of my anxiety. I have spent the past 2 months doing little more than work monday - friday. At the weekend i just turn into a recluse, even going into town seems like too much of an effort, what is the point anyway etc. Had to attend family party last weekend and it was hell. Cant deal with ppl at all, cant do small talk, hate drunks, small talk so pointless, feel like everyone is talking about me etc. Also obsess about bad things happening my family. but at the same time i cant face doing anything with them, which leads me to beat myself up with guilt.

Honestly thought this would all go away on its own, but its not. Dont want to go on medication as im not a big believer in any meds. Just feel lost. Sad. Pointless. I cant describe it at all. I feel like i dont know how to "live".

Sorry, didnt mean to offload on your post but it seemed to hit home with me. If you go to doc, will you let me know how u get on?

furlinedsheepskinjacket Sun 02-Mar-14 16:40:13

it is exactly mrs g - one of those big deals

but it will be fine smile

get the help you need

Theonlyoneiknow Thu 06-Mar-14 12:48:42

I did this today. I have constant health anxiety (don't get anxious about other stuff really just health issues) and it is ruining my life as I am constantly worrying and scared I am going to die.

I saw the GP today (about a health issue, inbetween crying) and she suggested I speak to someone and will refer me.

I feel much happier and really hope I can get through it.

Have you made your appt OP?

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