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Can depression come and go?

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WhisperingShadow Tue 25-Feb-14 08:42:04

Can you suspect you have depression one week and then wake up and feel fine one day, only for the cycle to start again?

brunette123 Tue 25-Feb-14 08:48:59

In my experience yes it does come and go and sometimes the extremes are massive. Certain things make it worse eg tiredness, irregular meals and emotional upsets but sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint the reason and I can feel really low and hopeless. I have previously been on ADs but been off them for around 4 or 5 years now and really do not wish to restart as found side-effects on the 4 types I tried unmanageable. I try to ensure I get enough sleep, regular exercise, try to have time for myself but I am a worrier by nature since I was a child and that is a definite issue and then of course things that happen in life like relationship issues and bereavement or unemployment can cause massive blackness and bleakness. Are you on medication/under your GP for this? Hope you are managing xx

WhisperingShadow Tue 25-Feb-14 08:53:50

Haven't been to the GP as don't want counciling. I don't get enough sleep because have DD 2 and find juggling work, DD and stepsons stressful. But I feel sad a lot of the time and not content. No energy, find it hard to do things, no sex drive and irritable. My relationship is taking a battering.

WhisperingShadow Tue 25-Feb-14 08:57:35

I was going to sed the GP today but chickening out because feel ok after a bad weekend.

brunette123 Tue 25-Feb-14 08:58:32

It sounds as though you have a lot on your plate that is contributing. From personal experience I found it helpful to speak to GP and you do not have to have counselling or medication - it is your choice - but just speaking to someone who was patient and supportive was really helpful for me - obviously depends on what your GP is like. Another factor is how supportive your DP is and whether you feel you are having to manage all this on your own. Hard not to feel irritable when tired and hard to feel sexy when tired and stressed.

WhisperingShadow Tue 25-Feb-14 09:02:08

Can 'a lot on plate' and fedup which creates sadness, plus tiredness, be different to depression?

brunette123 Tue 25-Feb-14 09:09:36

I think it can contribute to depression - I can only speak from my experience but I am an anxious person and alot happened in my life in a short period of time and I had no support and the whole lot tipped me over from feeling upset and stressed to being depressed and having an eating disorder - we all have different tipping points and what one person can cope with, another might find is too much. Why not chat to your GP if you get on ok with them? I am not sure if your DP is supportive but it will make it worse for you if you feel you are trying to cope alone. I found that counselling helped but I didn't have it for years just a short course - not sure why you won't consider it. Talking can help.

WhisperingShadow Tue 25-Feb-14 09:42:10

So it sounds like you are managing Brunette? I am a worrier to and always think the worst, but I know the worst probably wont happen so try to control worry like that. But my DH took me away for a night on Sat for a break , and I felt so sad as if my daughter had chocked or fallen down the stairs and didn't survive. I was worried about it, but I felt like it really was going to happen. Ruined the night.

Now I am thinking how stupid I was.

I don't like talking to unknown people. I am very private so don't like the idea of councilling.

DH is very good.

brunette123 Tue 25-Feb-14 09:58:08

sorry to hear that. I think it can be hard to manage these things by yourself though and not sure what to suggest - neither your GP nor your counsellor would breach your privacy. The problem with anxiety is that it really limits your life and enjoyment if it gets out of hand - I know as I wish I could push myself more.

larahusky Tue 25-Feb-14 13:26:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhisperingShadow Tue 25-Feb-14 13:50:39

I started the pill about 3 months ago and I do know I use to get vile PMT temper wise.

I use to exercise (kickbox, jog, hike) before DD but don't do anything now. I am working condensed hours mon - thur . So normal day at work, teatime with DD the log onat home for the evening, so I can have Fridays off with DD. Those days I just sit and feels like my interests have been put away. Then Fridays we are both tired and grumpy.

SilverStars Tue 25-Feb-14 13:59:21

Am not saying you are not depressed, but working long hours, including at home ( which may be new), lack of sleep and lack of me time and lack of exercise can I think be major contributing factors to how people feel. Definitely if I asked all the working mums I know with broken sleep they would probably type something similar to what you wrote. I know because I have asked them as was struggling so much in my job with a young child. Just hearing their stories helped me.

Is there anything you could change ( say out dd in a crèche at a gym even once a month to do a class), that could help?

larahusky Thu 27-Feb-14 14:00:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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