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How do I help my DH

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Thebluedog Mon 24-Feb-14 19:03:02

My DH has been in a downward spiral for the last 6 months resulting in him losing loads of weight, not sleeping, feeling something is missing, anxiety and a variety of mental and emotional issues.

He's finally seen the doctor and he's been diagnosed as having anxiety and depression. He's been prescribed with 20mg of citalopram and had a variety of blood tests to rule our medical issues for the headaches, weight loss and lack of sleep.

This now seems to have sent him further into himself and nothing I say or do seems to help.

I was diagnosed with anxiety myself a few years ago and have had counselling for this, I'm trying hard not to compare it talk about mine to him.

So any help on how, what or anything I can do to make it easier for him?

LastingLight Mon 24-Feb-14 19:58:18

How long has he been taking the meds? It can take a couple of weeks before you feel any positive effects. Give him space. Make sure he eats healthy. See if you can get him to go for a walk with you. Tell him that you love him, and will stand by him whatever happens.

Thebluedog Tue 25-Feb-14 07:29:28

Thanks lasting... He's only been taking the meds for a week so I know he'll be up and down for a bit hmm

He was really chuffed with the weight loss but the tablets have increased his appetite so he's now worried he'll put weight back on (he was quite overweight)

I'll see if I can drag him and the kids to the park or on the push bikes later.

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