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Tangled in shit and sleep

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panettoneforbrains Sat 15-Feb-14 23:55:29

So, I've had another breakdown. I'm not happy at the best of times (am forever on SSRIs), but having a particularly bad time ATM. I'm a SAH(M), but feel depressed and hopeless, so hardly a good mum at all. I sleep most of the day (poor DH has to try and take care of pre-schooler DS and work from home at the same time) and feel edgy and shit when I am up. I feel guilty for all my shortcomings. I am also somewhat hooked on pain medication to feel some relief from my grey tunnel of a life.

I'm also back to full blown bulimia. Feel ugly, weak and tired.

The fun part is that I am planning a bit of a career change and applying to study a healthcare/psychotherapy related degree this spring, so don't know how frank I can be with GP about my troubles. Also, in the past GP hasn't really helped much, as a change or higher dose of SSRIs never helped.

Sorry, I'm just ranting. I feel like such a shit and useless human being. Poor DS and DH. And now it's half term here, so no preschool. Fucking yay.

FabULouse Sun 16-Feb-14 10:36:56

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LastingLight Sun 16-Feb-14 11:44:35

You need and deserve help, your gp sounds useless. I agree with FabULouse, you need to see a psychiatrist for a new treatment plan. There are many other types of ad's other than SSRI's, and everybody responds to the meds differently.

panettoneforbrains Sun 16-Feb-14 15:22:27

Thanks Fab and Lasting. Slightly better day today. Even got out of the door. Exhausted now. Also swore at DS. sad Have to get DH to call GP surgery. The last one had an electronic booking system, which was so much better. I hate speaking on the phone. Need referral to psychiatrist, but not sure whether I will get it. sad

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