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severe anxiety panic attacks

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davidsotherhalf Fri 14-Feb-14 08:57:44

my dd is 20 with asd, ptsd, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression,
for about a year now the panic attacks have got a lot worse. I'm not sure if they are panic attacks, she starts shaking from head to foot her eyes are fixed she doesn't blink or anything, her temp goes up, she's wet through with sweat, this can happen at any time without warning. the doctor says it's panic attacks and these shut her brain down.we have an appointment again today. do I just accept that these are panic attacks or demand they investigate for another condition?

silvermirror Fri 14-Feb-14 11:18:18

From what youv described it does sound like panic attacks they can be pretty horrendous to both the sufferer and the carer.
You need to understand the physiology of a panic attack then you need to learn the emotional side you can overcome them overtime with spersific techneques and possibly medication.
Keep a diary of PAs there will be a trigger somewhere.
Such as tiredness, stress ect.
They can be very scarey and traumatic until you learn how to cope and deal with them.
Have a look on the nhs website for more on panic attacks.
Also no panic is a good website too.

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