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Feel like such a bitch

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Katkins1 Wed 12-Feb-14 21:26:15


I don't want to drip-feed, but I'm having a bad time lately, and I did something at uni to upset people (spoke my mind), now most of my group have fallen out with me. I've got PTSD so I feel like a complete bitch anyway, but this has just done it for me. Everyone else is going out and having a great time, and there was an open invite to a night out- I think near to another girl's birthday. I said I might go, as it's my Birthday near the time too (in a jokey way), and everyone else got a 'like' except for me. Petty I know. Me and this girl are friendly, or I thought so anyway.

I had a bereavement on Jan 1st and this is my final year, so I'm really struggling. I'm so stupid. I've put on so much weight (was a size 14, now more 16) and I look absolutely horrendous. I'm just fat and ugly and I don't fit in. No-one talks to me anymore, and I'm just such a bloody arrogant and snobby cow. I absolutely hate myself. I finish in May and I'm fed up, I can't cope for that long. Some-one tell me it's worth finishing my degree, please.

babyheaves Wed 12-Feb-14 22:29:03

Yes its worth finishing your degree, absolutely.

You sound really down at the moment. The final year of uni is hard work and having a bereavement must have been hard going.

Uni's have support services for students who are struggling and having a bad time. Can you find out the support service for yours and get in touch? Most of them offer a counselling service and support with your course. You can always see your GP as well.

Katkins1 Thu 13-Feb-14 20:04:14

Thank you. I do have a private counsellor, but haven't been for one reason or another (mainly childcare). It is very stressful, but I've started to switch the bulk of my work to daytimes, which helps as I'm just so tired in the evenings.

Our uni does has a support service, but I'm not sure how useful it is.

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