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Been prescribed lithium for major depressive disorder - any experiences?

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Queenofknickers Tue 11-Feb-14 22:11:20

I'm on 2 other ADs but nothing is shifting this bout. I'm just scared by the Lithium, I'm not sure why. Is there anyone with any experience? I'm not bipolar, it's been prescribed to "supercharge" my other ADs.

Millie2013 Tue 11-Feb-14 22:26:44

Yes me smile I took it for about a year, alongside SSRIs
It did me no harm, but it don't make much difference, the only thing that has made a difference, is long term, 1-2x weekly psychotherapy

livingzuid Tue 11-Feb-14 22:52:40

Lithium is all I take for my bipolar disorder and it works brilliantly to stabilise my mood. I'm so pleased I don't have to take anything else. The worst side effect I had was feeling sick but this wore off quickly and was only at night. Very positive experience of it.

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