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Friend with bipolar diagnosis

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Chippingnortonset123 Tue 11-Feb-14 14:08:58

I am afraid that she is going down again, based on what she has told me. She has been well for six weeks. It was awful last time and I am dreading a return to that. She is under the recovery team once a fortnight but they only stay ten minutes and do nothing.

Chippingnortonset123 Fri 21-Feb-14 13:51:57

Ct is Crisis Team
Rt is Recovery Team
I think that the dogs may become an issue. She refuses to accept outside help with that.
Not eating.

livingzuid Fri 21-Feb-14 14:39:38

If the dogs welfare is a concern you may have to contact the rspca who can advise on what to do. They are the only ones aside from the police to be able to enter a property and remove neglected or abused animals, I believe. They will have experience of cases such as this. She may well have them returned once she can demonstrate she is capable of taking care of them again.

The not eating.... it sounds as if things are getting increasingly difficult. The only advice I have is to again try and contact someone like MIND who can give some concrete rl support to you. She really needs to get some long term support and there is only so much you can do. thanks

NumptyNameChange Fri 21-Feb-14 19:00:08

did you say that one dog was already known to police? can you explain a bit more about that?

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