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Lowering citalopram and now I feel awful

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ihavenonameonhere Sat 08-Feb-14 14:51:52


I started on 10mg of citalopram about 3 years ago when I wasnt dealing with my Dad having cancer very well. It did seem to take the edge of things but after a breakup last year I went up to 20mg and had been on that til last week.

When speaking to the Dr we agreed to lower me back to 10mg and see how I got on and to be honest I feel terrible. My anxiety is awful. I have a spot on my nose and have just spent the past 30 mins being very upset as I am convinced I have cancer now, I had to call my parents and send them a picture to see what they thought!!

Not sure what to do, think I might have to take 20mg today and go back to the doctors next week sad

ohfourfoxache Sun 09-Feb-14 09:15:31

Definitely up the dose to 20mg and see your dr ASAP

Hope you start to feel better soon x

Sparklingbrook Sun 09-Feb-14 09:18:21

Hi ihave. I am reducing Citalopram too. I was on 20mg and asked if I could reduce to 10mg to start with. GP suggested 10mg/20mg on alternate days for 3 months to begin with.

I have just stopped that and now on 10mg a day for 3 months. perhaps the reduction was too sudden for you?

ManicMinor Sun 09-Feb-14 09:22:43

I've recently dropped from 20mg to 10mg, and had two weeks of feeling anxious and unwell - headaches, dizziness - before it cleared. I think the drop is quite marked - I will soon work towards stopping completely, but have told my GP I need to do it more gradually.

The anxiety you're feeling is very much likely to be withdrawal rather than reemergence of real anxiety, but I would take 20mg and go back to doc to agree a more gradual drop. The pharmacist advised me to do this if I felt I was struggling. A tablet cutter to go to 15mg for a month?

ihavenonameonhere Sun 09-Feb-14 18:16:47

Thanks guys, went back onto 20mg yeterday and will be at the doctors as soon as I can get into see my regular doctor.

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