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You can feel happy again

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Woowoowoowoo Fri 07-Feb-14 23:05:43

I sit here with a massive smile on my face - and have felt like this so many times over the last few weeks.

I never, ever, ever, EVER felt I'd feel like this again - excited for each new day and thrilled to be alive.

It can happen. I'd given up all hope and thought I was stuck in the bad place for good.

MN got me through a lot of it so keep posting and doing your best to explain how you feel.

There are A LOT of wobbly moments/hours/days still but it's not all one big wobble which it really was. And it was very bad there for a bit.

Love to you all. I never believed people who said things get better but they can.

UnionofMultitaskers Fri 07-Feb-14 23:37:35

What a lovely positive outcome. Enjoy your happiness!

Woowoowoowoo Fri 07-Feb-14 23:42:37

Yippeeee! Thank you!

I just want other 'mes' to know that things can start to turn around with just chinks here and there shining through. It was literally seconds to begin with.

It's taken a lot of support to get me back on my feet and I feel terrible for those who aren't as lucky as I am.

AcaciaBeez Sun 09-Feb-14 12:11:03

I'm glad you feel happy smile

hennalyn Sun 09-Feb-14 12:28:59

Happiness and sadness are both in our mind. We can allow them to come or not. There are situations that we can control our feelings over the thing that happened but as soon as we have gathered enough strength and relaxed our minds, we will be able to fix our mindset into thinking about the happiness that we deserve.

basia2 Sun 09-Feb-14 23:58:10

Wow! I'm so happy for you (and envious, lol).
Enjoy your happiness to the fullest!

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