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Not coming off ADs

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happyyonisleepyyoni Thu 06-Feb-14 18:30:22

I have been taking venlafaxine 150mg for the last year and it has been life changing.

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for all of my adult life and in the last few months I have been able to do all sorts of things without being plagued by fear for the first time ever.

I don't want to come off it. I've got a review in a few months time and I don't know whether the GP will want me to carry on with it?

SilverStars Thu 06-Feb-14 19:31:59

Usually with an AD like venlaflaxine they would suggest a slow reduction anyway, so even if you are doing well you could consider reducing to 75mg and stabilising on that first. It can cause side effects coming off so the slowest possible way is often best to reduce symptoms,

It is great it has worked for you. They usually suggest a time period of x number of months of stability before reducing anyway. If you know what you want, do tell them!

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