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Ideas & tips please for alternative / herbal / anxiety and depression.

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TreeHuggerMum1 Sat 01-Feb-14 12:34:30

I've recently been put on antidepressants and sleeping pills but would like to see if there are more natural methods to help sort myself out?

Babcia Sat 01-Feb-14 23:32:35

Try NLP or hypnosis, especially for sleep. I used it for all sorts of issues in the past (I credit it for helping me quit abusing laxatives and also stopping panic attacks). If you're not sure or on a tight budget you can try youtube videos- search "hypnosis for sleep" or anxiety/relaxation/depression, whatever. As long as you have a safe and comfortable place to relax there is nothing to be afraid of- it's basically helping your brain to switch off. If you can spend some money, look for an NLP practitioner who can help you with your specific issues.
I find it really good for helping to very quickly deal with acute issues and behaviours which you need to stop ASAP (like self harm and panic attacks or insomnia) and can stop you from causing yourself any physical harm while you psychologically deal with the deeper issues. Most good NLP practitioners will be supportive of other talking therapies (some may also combine counselling or CBT), but it shouldn't have any negative effect on anything which a mental health professional will be doing (unlike various conscious therapeutic approaches which can sometimes be antagonistic). It will just help your unconscious mind to support what your conscious mind wants to do.
I would stay away from herbal stuff if you've been prescribed medication- it's snake oil.

silvermirror Sun 02-Feb-14 13:01:49

I regulary have swedish massage and aromatherapy especially lavender pure essential oil in my bath.
Would recommend reflexology too.
I walk regulary during daylight hours for vit D and fresh air helps improve my mood so daylight walking.
Obvously other exercise like swimming,cycling can help but can be difficult if yuv got motivation issues.
Iv tried valerian it helped but not as much as my medication. I take mirtazapine at night as it is a strong sedating effect cause i sleep i feel better in day so do look at ADs that can help with sleep.
I do daily meditation relaxation and deep breathing techno's all helps keep the anxiety down.
When im really agitated and angry i write and draw.

magnolia74 Mon 17-Mar-14 16:26:52

Where are you based treehuggermum1?

I'm a reflexology and massage therapist and have had lots of success with reducing stress and depression x

tulipsaredelicious Mon 17-Mar-14 18:55:44

I tried the Glenn Harrold app called Relax. Some nights it works a treat, other nights it doesn't make a dent. I'm glad to have it though so you might find it helpful. I also like to burn essential oils now and again. Exercise is really good but I can't always get motivated for that and sometimes I think it leaves me feeling more tired for a few days after.
Also, sounds silly, but breathing slow, deep breaths when I remember to can help to keep me mindful.

Snog Sat 22-Mar-14 07:11:37

Are you having any counselling?

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