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How to tackle debt with someone who is stressed/depressed

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CountingPennies Wed 22-Jan-14 10:26:11

DH was made redundant last year and hasn't found work yet. He has monthly financial commitments (debt & CSA) which he will be unable to meet in a couple of months time. He's just been prescribed ADs. We need to urgently address the financial situation to ensure we don't default on our financial commitments. He/we HAVE to get some money coming in, or he will be looking at DMPs which would be a nightmare due to impact on credit ratings etc

I've had some useful feedback on how we might tackle the debt, but I've no idea how to deal with DH! I can't fix the problem on my own.

My question is, how do I approach discussing our finances with him to get him to take responsibility? He doesn't seem 'down', just very, very stressed (quite understandable given our circumstances). However we don't have time for him to feel 'ready' to tackle the situation. Do I need to assume that he can't take responsibility?

Any experiences of dealing with a similar situation would be very helpful. Thank you.

CountingPennies Wed 22-Jan-14 11:49:21


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