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Paranoia/anxiety help!!

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Bangonthedoor Mon 20-Jan-14 20:16:26

So whether it's because today was blue Monday I don't know but in the car on the way home from work today I completely broke down.

I really can't cope with this paranoia and anxiety anymore. It's all related to my 20 month old dd and I'm just so terrified that something bad is going to happen to her.

I get that all parents love their children and an element of worry will always be there but this is starting to effect my life. I keep having bad dreams about it, I woke up crying the other night because I dreamt that I was sent to prison for 40 years and never saw her growing up. Completely ridiculous I know!

I always feel sick to my stomach when I'm at work and surprised I haven't had an accident on the way home because I'm driving so fast to get her back. That said, I can't even get in the car without worrying I'm going to have a crash and die and not see her again.

I'm scared when she plays with other children in case she gets hurt or they are mean to her and hurt her feelings.

Sorry for the essay I'm just looking for help/advice as to how I can get through this and stop letting it effect the way I live my life and bring her up. I have previously been on anti depressants but not for a long time and feel happy in any other aspect of my life.

Thanks for reading xx

stillstandingatthebusstop Mon 20-Jan-14 20:41:30

Sounds like you might need some help to get things back into perspective - it's normal to worry but not that much! Do you have a sympathetic GP at your practice? CBT might help you? Or some counselling? thanks thanks

Bangonthedoor Tue 21-Jan-14 06:22:38

Thank you for replying.

I could go and see the gp im just worried about what they'll say. I dont want them to think im wasting their time! However im going to the gp for my knee next week so maybe i'll ask then.

Has anyone else ever felt like this?

stephenthecat Tue 21-Jan-14 20:57:55

Hello. This is my first post on mumsnet and I just want to say I feel the same. I got overwhelmed today in a car park and cried for ages because I had lost my ticket. It seemed to be the last straw today. Anxiety is really affecting my life. I don't have friends because I don't want to have to explain why I'm so weird about things. I rarely go out now because I'm afraid ds will be hurt/snatched.

In my stupid head my lovely 16 month old ds could be harmed in so many ways. If I hear sirens while he's at nursery, they are an ambulance going to him. I am awake all night because every sound I hear is a burgler coming to attack us.

Every time I have gone to the drs about something in the last year they have picked up on the anxiety and I've ignored their offers of help because I just felt like the Doctor thought I was an attention seeker. The last time I went I saw a District Nurse who didn't make me feel that way she believes it is PTSD from his difficult birth and I had my first councilling session last Thursday.

I have also been on anti depressants for a short time before I had ds and am adamant I can get through this without them now as I didn't feel they helped last time. I think I felt better after accepting what the District Nurse had to say. I could see that there could be an end to this.

I hope you can believe the drs want to help you and you get through this. Sorry for my mememe return essay!

Bangonthedoor Tue 21-Jan-14 21:38:03

Thank you for replying stephenthecat in the nicest possible way I'm relieved I'm not the only one who feels this way.

It's horrible and really gets me down, I wish I wasn't like this. Once I sped home from work in sobs of tears adamant that I was going to find an ambulance pulled up at home. I swear my heart is going to burst out of my chest if this carries on!

I will definitely chat to gp on the 27th and go from there.

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