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Is it depression again

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Lostinmythoughts Wed 08-Jan-14 22:45:02

Hi just looking for some advice please when I had my son I ended up with pnd I was taking citalopram which I have been of for about 10 months now in nov I had a miscarrage after that everything went back to normal but for the last week or so it feels like I am back in that horrible bubble I am worrying about everything even today on way to work I felt something bad was going to happen don't no what.

I feel sick headache and feels weak and dizzy could it be the depression returning again I just do no feel myself I seem to have blocked out how I was feeling the last time I just remember the bubble feeling.

Thanks it feels so good to get how I am feeling out.

Queenofknickers Sat 11-Jan-14 19:47:09

You have been through a rough time mentally and physically and that takes its toll. Could you talk to your GP?thanks

working9while5 Sat 11-Jan-14 22:39:29

It's January which is genuinely the most depressing time of the year and you had a miscarriage two months ago.

I read somewhere that when you've had depression you are naturally so afraid of going back there that any event that naturally makes you feel sad or lowers your mood will make your mind go into overdrive worrying about the onset of depression and ironically this can actually trigger relapse. Like a cruel joke, isn't it? This certainly rings true for me. I had antenatal and postnatal depression and OCD and am pregnant again and find it very easy to go on hyperalert every time I have so much as a bad night's sleep.

I think you need to be extra kind to yourself right now. Do things to really take care of yourself and that are supportive of having had a very sad time. If you need time off work.take it. I had a colleague once who had a miscarriage and came right back to work but after three months she just suddenly collapsed with grief and was off for six weeks. If there are activities that helped in your recovery from PND maybe revisit these (singing always helped me). Be with people who are easy to be with when you can. If you have a place to go that lifts your spirits e.g. home or to a seaside resort or a local park, go there. Be gentle and allow yourself to feel sad at this time. Many women mark their miscarriages for years and years after the event. I have a friend with a star tatoo of hers and my mum has a friend who always buys a white rose on the anniversary of her first child's miscarriage, now nearly 40+ years ago. It's early days. Hugs xx

newyearhere Sun 12-Jan-14 10:01:16

It sounds like you are quite anxious with the worries about everything. It's possible to have both anxiety and depression at the same time or separately. As Queen says, your GP could advise.

violator Sun 12-Jan-14 10:24:44

working9while5 is so right.

Having been through it, it's normal to panic when you think it is coming back.

What's happened to make you feel low? Have you been under pressure recently?

One bad day, or a few bad days, are normal. Everyone has them, it's part of life. The difference between us who've had an episode and those who haven't is that they chalk it down, look at what's going on and try to change or accept it.
We on the other hand panic that it's a return of the illness.

I'd also really recommend mindfulness. My psych was very adamant that I complete a course in it. It has been proven to prevent relapse.

violator Sun 12-Jan-14 10:25:55

I'm sorry I just read your post again that you've had a miscarriage. That's what's happened.
Have up talked about it to anyone, talked about how you're feeling?

Lostinmythoughts Sun 12-Jan-14 21:40:40

Thanks everyone I have appointment with my gp on Thursday I think everything has just got on top of me.i have been putting on a brave face when really I just want to cry I am going to try and get sometime to myself thanks again so kind

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