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Anti depressants

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LillianaMarie Tue 17-Dec-13 15:52:18

I would but hes a family doctor and i dont speak the language well dont want everyone to know how im feeling

SnowyMouse Tue 17-Dec-13 15:11:04

It sounds like you have a lot going on, LillianaMarie Different antidepressants have different side effects, and they (professionals) should work with you to make sure that the side effects are the best they can be.

Would you go and talk to your GP about how you are feeling, and maybe discuss if meds might help?

LillianaMarie Tue 17-Dec-13 14:20:44

I'm thinking of taking anti depressants but they scare me. I took prozac 15 years ago but it made me zombie like i just want to feel ok again. I feel detached from the world like im not here my husband isnt good with emotions and i have no friends at all

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