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doing much better on mirrzapine

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silvermirror Tue 17-Dec-13 09:39:56

It's been just over a week and I'm doing much better on 15mg of mirtazapine at night, the first few days I was knocked out but iv got my mojo back, I sleep so much better, after an hour of taking it I can't keep my eyes awake, I sleep rightthrough the night and if iv gone to bed early I get upto 11hrs sleep, giving me lots of energy the next day, iv been doing lots of walking and I am watching my calories as yu can put on weight with this as it increases yr appitite, I personally haven't felt that.

I really was reluctant going on this AD but after researching other ADs both me and my Gp agreed this was the best option for me, the Diazepam I was becoming very irritable and angry, and there only for crisis, since taking mirtazapine I have calmed down a lot.

I decided to reinstate the risperidone too so I have a combo to combat my moods and hypervigilance and the two seem to be working well together.

I am due to go on a mega healthy diet after Christmas so I let u know how my weight goes.

Anyway just an up date about my medication.

Megbeth Tue 17-Dec-13 12:41:58

This med works really well but the weight gain is the main side effect as well as the tiredness. I was only on it for 10 days. I felt really good & slept well but I found the tiredness the next day too much as I had a new baby. I craved jelly babies & biscuits so I could see how you could put on weight. I had a major mood crash & it made my depression worse so I had to stop it. I hope you continue to do well on it. It's very good for anxiety.

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