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Blobbyblobbyblobby Mon 16-Dec-13 20:16:37

Every month I feel rage/depressed & tearful for a week. Fine the rest of the time.

It's worse since I had children. I don't tolerate the pill very well and am too fat/old/migraine suffering for most of them anyway.

Anybody had any success with supplements etc? Some weeks I have suicidal thoughts, I know it's pmt as fine while pg/bf and the other three weeks of my cycle. I've been exercising and eating well and felt fantastic until yesterday, af due next week sad

Sorry if this is the wrong board.

Mrsbear1 Tue 17-Dec-13 22:57:22

Hi Blobby. There was another lady asking the same thing on here the other day and I think she got some good advice. Almost identical thread. Have a look - and hope your PMT gets better! Mine is heinous!

SolidGold Wed 18-Dec-13 09:10:19

Blobby, I feel for you. I'm the same. Every month, relentlessly. It has got worse as I've got older. Every month I
hate my husband for a few days and just want to hide away. I don't know what the answer is I'm afraid, but there is advice on the other thread that sounds very sensible.

I started taking evening primrose oil a month ago, it takes a while to start working, so bear that in mind. My friend said it didn't help her, but in the past it has helped me I think, so worth trying again. Go for a high dose though. I'm currently taking a 1000 dose once a day I think.

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