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insomnia on setraline

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NewName123 Wed 18-Dec-13 15:53:01

I had constant insomnia on sertraline that never went away, I couldn't even nap during the day when DS was asleep.
Am on Fluoxetine now and no problems with sleep.

EauRougemasTree Mon 16-Dec-13 15:55:14

I was on sertraline for 3 horrible weeks. My GP prescribed zopiclone for 10 days to see if I would get over the side effects of the sertraline (I tried herbal stuff, it did fuck all). I switched to citalopram in the end, which is fine. Insomnia is a common side effect of sertraline, sometimes it goes away and sometimes it doesn't. It might not be the drug for you. I would have a chat with your GP about your options.

wetwetwetfan Sun 15-Dec-13 09:22:40

Only a week ... nausea has stopped now but sleep patterns are shot to pieces.. managed a couple of hours in the end. Wonder whether to try a herbal sleep remedy tonight..or maybe exhaustion will just kill me off....

Branleuse Sun 15-Dec-13 08:35:22

its a pretty common side effect. Usually gets a bit better eventually.
How long have you been on them

krazipan Sun 15-Dec-13 08:31:19

I had terrible insomnia on sertraline so the dr changed me to mirtazipine which sent me the opposite way and I struggled to get up! I'm now on citalopram which I've had no problem with. I guess it's just trial and error confused

Alchemist Sun 15-Dec-13 05:30:49

PS am a bit jealous of dog under the blanket. Have recently become a holiday home for a gorgeous rescued dog from Eygpt but not this weekend. I miss the lovely boy, snuggle up with that dog of yours x

Alchemist Sun 15-Dec-13 05:25:16

Not on Setraline but citlopran but share your insomnia. Knackered all day but can't get a good sleep at night. Drives me bloody mad. Walking around ina daze, Hope you get some sleep x

wetwetwetfan Sun 15-Dec-13 05:15:09

Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh... my mind is so tired, my body aches but I cannot fall asleep. Gave up and came downstairs at 3.40am. Curled up on sofa under a blanket with the dog and now it's 5.15am and I haven't slept a wink... I always have trouble sleeping but can normally get a few hours. This is driving me mad!!!!!!

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