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Amytriptylene and Pregnancy.

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notthegirlnextdoor Wed 11-Dec-13 21:47:20

Currently on 50mg of Amytriptylene. Spoke to GP today and asked about my meds and the fact that DH and I want to TTC next Spring/Summer (currently have the Mirena Coil which I am LOVING) and he has said that at my dose, (which is very low, standard dose for depression is 150-250mg) its as safe to take as paracetemol and ibuprofen, he also said that obviously, it would be better for me to take nothing but that it was by far one of the safer meds to take during pregnancy. (I have Bi Polar Disorder) and whilst I'm hoping to make it through without the need for meds (managed fine with my other 2 pregnancies) should I need to take it during, then I will. Just looking to see if anyone else has taken it, knows anyone who has, and if its caused any problems etc?

moggiek Sat 14-Dec-13 23:09:39

Hi notthegirl. I didn't realise that I was pregnant with DS3, so continued taking amytriptylene during the first trimester. He was a strapping, healthy baby, and he's 25 now ��.

moggiek Sat 14-Dec-13 23:10:19

That should have beensmile

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