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Quick help please- FIL on way to hosptial (Mental Health)

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Armadale Wed 11-Dec-13 15:57:16

I started a thread here somewhere yesterday asking for advice about FIL's he has lost it a bit- details sketchy but hitting walls, smashing furniture etc. Ambulance and DH on way round there.

Can anyone advice me what is likely to happen and what questions DH needs to ask at the hospital? Will they automatically keep him in? Is this an opportunity to get him on some proper meds? What do we do if they let him out tonight?

clio51 Wed 11-Dec-13 23:49:30

Really don't won't to dishearten you about geriatric mental health help.

Don't know what part of country you live but it's very hard to get help quickly it takes months ie waiting lists.

When I was really bad mine was via gp referal to my crisis team, first I was given diazepam by gp 5 days worth whilst waiting. It took 2 days for mh team to visit me and boy was I desperate! They just spoke to me about what I thought brought it on, was I suicidal what was going through my mind etc. They came again couple days later again more questions, they know there isn't going to be much change because ads take a while to get into your system,I was given the phone no of crisis team,mh ward no of my hospital. I then got a visit of phychologist 2 weeks later to assess me to she if I what help I needed if any!!!
From then on I was accepted in the crisis team and got weekly visit and I could ring them took 6mths!!!! To get to see psychiatrist and to be honest at the beginning I got the impression she just wanted to throw drugs at me no way! I didn't want to be a zombie!

Just want you to realize nhs is very slow even in times of crisis, they would rather you stay in familiar surroundings and not to mention no beds.

He is probably scared to death what's happening to him(I was at 54)
But yes that's an opening opportunity to get him talking and the more he talks about it the less embarrassed he will feel with everyone.

I don't know how much intervention your dh has or his dw with regarding his treatment as I can only speak for myself but certainly something to ask gp.

Armadale Thu 12-Dec-13 08:01:32

Thanks Clio, I'm sorry you have had such a rough time and appreciate you sharing your experience with me.

I haven't really had any experience of things like this before- it all seems so meagre to me- if your leg was broken they'd whip you in and sort it out but they leave you for two days for someone to visit in your situation- it seems all wrong, really.

By the time DH left yesterday FIL was back saying he was OK and didn't want any fuss- I think we will have a hard road to get him to seek help.

He was very successful in his work life and was known to be quite ruthless in his dealings with people- now he seems to need the approval of the docs and is very needy and needs them to like him- to the extent that he sees saying he is struggling would cause them hassle so he refuses to show it- It is very frustrating.

I think DH may go round this afternoon to see him if he can finish up at work in time, and will try and talk him into asking for more help

HoopHopes Thu 12-Dec-13 14:21:44

Obviously different areas have different protocols, but the difference between crisis team and being under a mental health team is that a crisis team literally deals with the particular crisis ( and in most areas will only support someone over a few weeks), and so are not going to do the detailed assessments, care assessments, ongoing support that may be needed. Elderly care for over 65's is different at adult mental health care that Others have shared about. Worth looking up on the Internet what is available in your area.

All areas of NHS have waiting lists - referral max time on NHS for any condition is 18 weeks ( having had to wait 17 weeks for a physical condition of my baby I know it feels ages), but that is the disadvantage of free health care, a wait. It can be shorter. No difference between mental and physical issues - if in crisis go to gp or a and e and they will act to deal with the crisis, otherwise wait and be treated and assessed by normal route. The advantage if a team rather than crisis is in a team you are allocated one named worker who you see regularly if accepted on the team ( a care co-ordinator), whereas crisis teams work 24/7 and it is often a different person each time ( they do not want people depending on crisis teams instead of usual support systems as crisis teams are small and support large areas of population for short periods of time).

Sounds like your FIL would be better with a named worker than a crisis team approach - as he was too scared to go to the hospital. Perhaps if he is like that again do not use an ambulance but go in a car or taxi as less scary? Elderly health care teams do something adult ( under 65) care do not do and have experts in people who are over 65, with awareness of issues facing the elderly and can assess for any underlying illnesses common in that age group, which may be helpful - it may have a different cause?

Sounds worrying, but great he has you both to support.

clio51 Thu 12-Dec-13 17:22:29


Yes different areas have different protocols, they call it crisis because you are at crisis and need help ASAP.
This is why my gp went via them to get me seen asap and in the system.
Where I live we have primary care(General mh issues) and secondary 150mg(acute ongoing my) this is why I got assessed at home to see which group to be put into. In my area you only get a cpn(community physcharic nurse) or care coordinator and psychiatric intervention if you are secondary care!
As said Google your area geriatric mh and see what there assessment is,it should tell you and give you some insight as what to expect.

Good luck x

clio51 Thu 12-Dec-13 17:26:54

Can't go back in to alter mistakes on kindle predicted text
forget 150mg should read care!!!
And acute on going mh.

Armadale Fri 13-Dec-13 22:39:50

Just a quick update-

DH not yet broached MH team as couldn't get away from work to see him yet.

FIL went to GP today for a blood test and his GP asked him in for a chat, which was good. The main thing she told him seems to be he can take all his medicines in the morning if he wants (he spends all day watching the clock for the next tablet- it has literally become a full time job), but DH rang him this evening and after a couple of sentences he said he had to go as he was due for a tablet, so obviously he is ignoring the GP's is very frustrating

HoopHopes Fri 13-Dec-13 23:24:00

Hi, good gp is being helpful.

Only thought was if he saw the Gp today then he would not have had taken all the tablets before the gp suggested it and then he would have needed the rest tonight?

My only thought was maybe he is struggling with going from working to retired? How to fill the days with purpose? Wonder if he can be encouraged to do things, when more stable? If not already? Whether it it swimming, more interest in gardening to a woodwork course or whatever?! Worth looking to see what groups or things are on in your area maybe? Or volunteering, using his skills to help others when able to?

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