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Moving forward day by day [crisis team part two ]

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bassetfeet Tue 26-Nov-13 21:01:20

Hi Fluffy flowers just calling in to wish you a lovely peaceful sleep x

TheSilveryPussycat Wed 23-Jul-14 15:48:08

I lost touch with this thread and have just rediscovered it.

I am so glad things have turned out well for you fluffy, sending hugs and warm wishes.

TheSilveryPussycat Wed 23-Jul-14 15:47:48

I lost touch with this thread and have just rediscovered it.

I am so glad things have turned out well for you fluffy, sending hugs and warm wishes.

TheSilveryPussycat Wed 23-Jul-14 15:47:27

I lost touch with this thread and have just rediscovered it.

I am so glad things have turned out well for you fluffy, sending hugs and warm wishes.

mypip Sun 20-Jul-14 21:15:23

well done fluffy!

Sijeunessesavait Sat 19-Jul-14 17:49:51

Hqppy Birthday fluffy, and thank you for this cheerful update. I think of you often and am so pleased to know that life is better for you now. Celebrate your achievements today as well as the new decade!

SnowyMouse Sat 19-Jul-14 13:31:23

Good to hear from you fluffy! Happy birthday! cake

Well done on work, and for sticking with the DBT.

fluffydressinggown Sat 19-Jul-14 13:15:52

I have not posted on this thread in ages.

I am 30 today and still here and doing well. Work is going fine but my confidence is still lacking so I am working on it. My holiday was really lovely, a much needed break.

I am hating DBT at the moment, but trying to work through that and stick it out.

mypip Sat 14-Jun-14 21:59:06

So pleased you are on your uppers; enjoy your holiday fluffy.

fluffydressinggown Fri 06-Jun-14 21:56:04

I am so glad it is Friday smile

I had some psychotic thoughts in DBT this week which was frustrating. I talked to one of the course leaders about it and we agreed it is because my life has been stressful this week and when I am stressed my thinking goes a bit squiffy. That said, today has been fine and I am not so bothered about things as I was in DBT yesterday so that is a positive smile

I am going on holiday in a week and a bit and I am very excited, I have got some diazepam for the plane which is a relief because I do not like flying! I am also looking at going to Gran Canaria next May with my Mum smile

My DH says that since I have started work I seem better to him, more confident. I still have wobbles but I am trying my hardest and it seems to be going well.

SnowyMouse Tue 03-Jun-14 19:05:04

Well done, fluffy Good luck with the meds change, everyone knows they can be hard to do.

fluffydressinggown Tue 03-Jun-14 18:25:04

It was ok, I found the interview a bit overwhelming but my CPN said I did well.

Saw the psychiatrist and I am going to start on aripriprazole when I come back from my holiday in July. V.scared about changing meds but it has to be done.

Sijeunessesavait Tue 03-Jun-14 18:12:05

Hope today went OK fluffy

fluffydressinggown Mon 02-Jun-14 21:48:08

I have an interview with ATOS tomorrow about claiming PIP, my CPN is coming with me but I am still really nervous.

I have started seeing things in the corner of my eyes which is a bit frustrating.

I am also seeing the psychiatrist tomorrow about changing my anti-psychotic which is a bit scary because I feel stable on risperidone but I need to change it so I will have to suck it up.

mypip Mon 26-May-14 10:34:49

gosh you did well fluffy; glad you are getting some relief and recovery too.
So pleased for you.

fluffydressinggown Sat 24-May-14 18:41:18

Thank you smile I had a massive sleep in this morning and I am enjoying having a lazy day at home.

SnowyMouse Sat 24-May-14 18:11:34

Good for you, fluffy!

Sijeunessesavait Sat 24-May-14 17:27:05

Hope you will enjoy the long weekend!

fluffydressinggown Fri 23-May-14 21:45:32

Well I survived my first week. I am so tired but proud that I managed it. I have not had any strange thoughts or felt like self harming so that is positive. I have missed seeing my DBT 1:1 worker though, I still need that extra support I think.

I also have an appointment to get assessed for PIP which is a bit scary.

Sijeunessesavait Mon 19-May-14 20:57:06

Congratulations, fluffy
Try to focus on the present rather than worrying about the future. By the time next week comes along you will have much more experience of what you need to do. I hope the new environment is a happy one for you x

fluffydressinggown Mon 19-May-14 19:59:08

I started my new job today and it went ok (I think) I am just training this week so it is pretty easy going, scared for the next week when I am actually doing the job.

fluffydressinggown Fri 16-May-14 20:53:42

I am still stressing sad My DH has essays for university to do and I feel loads of pressure (from myself) to help him to make them perfect sad

My DH is being really nice and not asking for help but I feel like I should be able to help him.

I saw my CPN and my DBT 1:1 today and talked about the stuff I have been stressing over, but I don't feel better for it sad


Wipedoutmammy Fri 16-May-14 16:48:31

Hi fluffy and everyone else

I have read your whole thread about your journey with your mh issues this afternoon. I've been si for years and over the last year have had various suicide attempts. I want to say your journey has given me hope that I may just come out the other end of this nightmare. Thank you smile xx

madeuplovesong44 Wed 14-May-14 23:22:10

Your last post makes so much sense. You are bound to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of going back to work. I can remember the feelings so well. I too had spent a long time in hospital and a long time away from work and i was terrified. For me, i was so used to 'being ill' and i relied on the fact i had no expectations or responsibilities. I couldn't feel like a failure as i had nothing to fail at.

You have come such a long way though and you deserve to feel the benefits that employment brings. Can you maybe make a list of the positives that may come from the job and try to focus on that e.g. Wages, routine, feeling valuable and needed, meeting new people etc And what about putting a safeguard in your head, like ' i will give it two weeks and if it is too much or i hate it i will just walk away and nothing is lost.' I was so terrified at what might happen, that i couldn't cope ans would become suicidal again. Once i changed my thinking to i will just give it a go and i can leave if i want to, it felt safer.

I was scared that the support i had relied so heavily on would be withdrawn as going back to work meant i was better. That hasn't been the case at all as my cpn recognizes the ongoing stress of work means i need continued support. I imagine your team will still be there for you too.

Good luck though fluffy. You are amazingly courageous and deserve this opportunity. I will look forward to seeing how you get on. X

dontrunwithscissors Wed 14-May-14 09:49:04

I can really understand the fear of fetting better. I'm told it is quite common. I think it's fear of the unknown--that you don't know whether you will stay well. I had got so used to being unwell. It's the constant uncertainly of whether it will be taken off me (looking over my shoulder for another episode). For a while, the fear of being struck down again robbed me of actually enjoying being well. If you're unwell, you're unwell. There's nothing to lose.

Sorry that's a bit rambling! I think just taking things a day at a time is the way forward.

SnowyMouse Mon 12-May-14 15:40:30

Hi fluffy Well done on not buying blades, that must have been very hard. I think it's normal to have such thoughts when you're going through big changes, and a job is a big change.

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