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endofanera Fri 22-Nov-13 20:58:49

Nothing else to say really. I hate feeling like this. I think I can manage it and hope it will pass. But, I am not functioning normally. Its horrid.

HoopHopes Thu 28-Nov-13 23:02:30

If you are needing more prn meds then crisis team generally are nt the quickest way to get them. The quickest way is a gp or out of hours service. The way to get an appointment with an out of hours dr, who will prescribe what you ran out of is to tell them what you need. If you tell them you are suicidal ( not done anything but feeling it) then they will always say a and e, which means you will not get a gp to prescribe it for you.

If you need medical treatment for an OD then a and e is where to go. Only you know whether you need treatment. I do not know what taking a bit more of piriton does so get medical help if you need it.

Yes they cannot give you any quicker access to MH support than what you already have, which is access to a crisis team and an appointment on Tue, which is not far away now.

Have you used the Samaritans, they can be helpful to offload.

Going to see a gp tomorrow ( phone for emergency appointment) to tell them what you did with the piriton is helpful. They could help with prn medication, if they think it will help.

Are you on AD's, is it worth asking about them or reviewing dosage?

HoopHopes Thu 28-Nov-13 23:05:09

Can you get someone to drive you to a and e if you cannot get an out of hours appointment if you want medical treatment? Or a taxi? Do you need an ambulance for urgent medical treatment before you can get to a and e by other transport, if so phoning an ambulance is right.

endofanera Fri 29-Nov-13 07:15:06

Thanks Hoop. Phoned Samaritans in the end who where brill!!! Went to bed with no drama's. Going to try and see dr today. Getting very fed up with this episode now! Not on AD's. I am thinking I need to try and mood stabiliser. I have been on olanzapine in the past but don't need to go back on that thankfully!

HoopHopes Fri 29-Nov-13 16:40:05

Glad Samaritans brill - use them any time you struggling!!

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