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some advice please about depression and work

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erlydtl Wed 13-Nov-13 11:47:39

I'm being treated for depression, which is good in its own right. I can't face going back to work,I have been signed off for sometime now and I've handed in my notice. My employer saying that I have to work my three months notice period or send in doctors notes.

Work knew that I was being treated for depression five months before I had the most recent "crash".

I know that there are rules and regulations and laws and contracts and all that. But if I was to conduct an act of Gross Misconduct, I would be terminated on the spot and marched out of the building. I'm not asking for work to be sympathetic (or the wages), just to release me from my contract and let me go about getting my life in order. It feels like they are being trivially bloody-minded or that I've sold myself into some form of slavery.

If I was to return to work, I'd spend the vast majority of my time staring at my feet or at a screen and frankly, I don't think I can actually do the job any-more.

Megbeth Wed 13-Nov-13 13:35:40

I'm not sure if the citizens advice might be able to advise on your rights with work.
Depression is a horrid illness & the stress of work justakws things a whole lot worse. I hope you get it sorted.
Would some one in HR be able to help if you asked to speak to them?

brettgirl2 Wed 13-Nov-13 18:04:51

You don't have to work any notice period. Tell them you will not be back and give them your leaving date.

Unless you work in the army when they can come and arrest you, all they are entitled to is the money for a replacement. As they've stopped paying you that's nothing. I've done this my self.

Or you could get a sick note. The only negative of refusing to work notice is it affects your ability to get a reference.

HoopHopes Wed 13-Nov-13 20:38:52

Could you not get a dh's note? That seems a long notice period. It may be worth a medical note as easier to get a reference unless you do not wish to work again.

erlydtl Fri 15-Nov-13 15:06:33

As an update, I've just received a letter from HR detailing that they will terminate my employment "from the first day of your illness". Even though I have sent them medical exemption notes from my Doctor. The tone of the letter is rather bullying.

Thing is it's not as though they are unaware as I had notified my company via my line manager that I was being treated for depression at the beginning of June. I also informed them that the first few days of my illness I was in hospital. I left out the accidental overdose detail - not that I wanted to commit suicide - rather I just wanted to "switch off" for a while.

Where-as I'm not expecting the organisation as a whole to be sympathetic, I am expecting to be treated with reason given that I have depression and am being treated for it.

I am surprised by content the letter, it seems ill-conceived and not though out, the tone could be taken to be threatening. I think its going to be time for me to seek advice from CAB or a Lawyer.

HoopHopes Fri 15-Nov-13 19:20:11

Can you request your work sends you to their occupational health department? That would be good practice.

People do get ill, have surgery etc- if someone was off with cancer surely they would not just sack them for first day of illness. They will have limits how long people can be off work for, however, but should make all details clear in their policies.

Do you have a copy of work's sickness policy? How long can you have off ill? Most companies I have worked for send people to OH if off for four continuous weeks, for ensuring all support given. If not ask HR to post you their absence policy. Do you have union membership, they may be useful to contact now.

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