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petrified of what happened

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suebrush Wed 13-Nov-13 10:22:40

hello been under the local mental health team and doing ok hubby thought i wasn't getting anywhere and took me back to the doc said i wasnt getting any better and needed more help said i was desperate even though been back to work last week she arranged for the emergency team to come and see me that night they came and chatted i am now petrified that this happened i cannot believe the doc did this

bundaberg Wed 13-Nov-13 10:29:19

they're just trying to help, and ensure you're ok.

unfortunately a lot of people with mental health issues are NOT capable of deciding by themselves how well (or not) they are, so I do think it's important that husbands/wives/partners opinions are taken into consideration.

your husband wants the best for you, so do the mental health team.

suebrush Wed 13-Nov-13 10:31:13

i didn't want to go and the whole experience has made me worse

bundaberg Wed 13-Nov-13 10:59:45

you didn't want to go to the GP with your husband?

I guess you need to sit down and talk this kind of stuff through with him. It's not ok for him to make you go if you've said you don't want to. Although I'm guessing he was just really, really concerned about you? which is a good thing!

do you see a member of the MH team regularly? would it help if your DH could come and have a brief chat with them (with you there too) so that he can get a bit of reassurance that you're doing ok?

suebrush Wed 13-Nov-13 11:04:49

he didn't have to drag me in there but i said i didn't want to go and he said best if you do on the waiting list for counselling but this has just set me back petrified the emergency team will contact social services i have a lovely family all doing well my contact at the mental health team said there will be no repercussions i am still worried sick

bundaberg Wed 13-Nov-13 11:07:11

they won't contact SS. honestly.

are you on any medication for your anxiety? do you see anyone regularly from the team?

suebrush Wed 13-Nov-13 11:12:34

yeah on mertazapine not seen anyone from team yet had the chance of private should of took it weeks ago

Milkhell Wed 13-Nov-13 21:30:51

Sue I've had the crisis team out about eight times. Do NOT worry about SS x

HoopHopes Wed 13-Nov-13 23:04:59

If your dh told the dr he was concerned you were not well then the dr had a duty if care to get you assessed and the only way to do that quickly was through the emergency team, who have people available at short notice. That would be why they do that. They are not there to contact SS but obviously part of their role is to risk assess, as is the role of every counsellor and mental health worker. If the emergency team assessed you and found you not needed any extra support then that is all that it will be. If they found you needing emergency support then they can see you for a short time ( usually the same as just happened, they do not do counselling but assess you, monitor you for needing inpatient care and then hand you back to mental health team).

As your dh said you needed extra support that comes
Through your MH team, who usually see you once a week or less often. If you need more support than that it is limited in NHS:

- Possibly give you a support worker ( the assessment for that comes through adult social care services)
- Crisis services ( what you just accessed, which is usually a phone call or a visit once a day, but not usually same person each day)
- inpatient care if you are at risk to yourself, or others.

Sadly going to the dr's. and saying need more help rarely puts people at top of NHS lists for counselling ( if under a mental health team cannot have counselling through a gp anyway, as already under a CMHT). Generally as you found out people assess risk and monitor it. Or assess for higher level of care ( inpatient, under a CMHT etc).

Emergency teams may contact health visitors if have a child under 5 that is all. All A&E teams contact HV if people attend there with mental health crisis so depends on policies where you live. They do not usually act on the information.

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