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OCD versus OCBD

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Eliza22 Thu 14-Nov-13 10:05:21

My ds has a diagnosis of OCD. It takes many forms. Some checking and some fears of hurting/disrespecting/ offending others. His compulsions aren't an "insurance" against bad things happening but they make him feel better about his perceived "misdeeds". He is, by the way, a very gentle child who wouldn't harm a fly and people consistently comment on his manners and kindness.

What I don't like is when people flippantly say "I'm a bit OCD". My son's condition devastates him. It stops him going about his life, as it were.

WaitingForMe Wed 13-Nov-13 08:52:34

I'd like to gather peoples thoughts on what strikes me as quite a significant misunderstanding of two distinct (yet closely related) conditions. Sorry it's long but I need to get this out of my head!

I have OCD. I understand the irrationality of many of my compulsions and have had therapy which helped identify the root cause. When I start to get bad, DH will point out (approaching warily and with protective clothing) that I'm being irrational and asking if I need to talk about the root cause.

My understanding of OCBD (Obsessive Compulsive Behavioural Disorder) is that to sufferers their compulsions are completely logical and they offer feel that their actions are managing a situation (eg. Their repeated switching of a light on or off is what stops the risk of an electrical fire which would burn the house down). The key difference is that people with OCBD cannot be reasoned with in the same way.

I feel that OCBD seems to get dismissed as OCD when it me it seems a very scary and serious mental illness. If you have OCBD you are delusional pure and simple. I fear developing OCBD and that was what inspired me seeking help. But if OCD is casually joked about (sorry I'm starting a second topic here) then aren't more people at risk of developing OCBD?

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