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Fed up with this depression !!!

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StandingInLine Tue 12-Nov-13 17:53:35

So had second child not too long ago and seems I may have postnatal sad
I'm prone to depression ,anyway ,as I am a generally negative person - and mental health issues run in our family.
I had it with my first for about a year and a half and did try antidepressants but can't remember whether they worked or not, but do remember the lack of sex drive!! In the end I just dealt with it without anti depressants and I did get better. I have improved a lot since then in confidence (thats what i was mainly depressed about) and independence. We have no money worries and life is actually pretty good compared to some people's. It seems I pick one thing to be depressed about when i;m down ,and this time it's my parents - more my mum. it just seems her lack of independance is getting me down. i worry about it non-stop ,like if the people she relies on die, and also about her being alone. when im feeling ok I can see how stupid and dramatic i'm being, but when i'm down then it seems like the biggest problem in the world. When I start worrying it just spirals out of control.
The only thing getting me through is knowing it will pass like it did last time and the worries will go back to being trivial. I tend to look too far ahead that's the problem and need to start living in the moment.

So, to get to the point, help!! Me keeping on top of housework, tasks definitely helping - if I dont then i'll get even more depressed. Any suggestions? What lifts your spirits ? Im doing CBT which seems to be helping with some issues but not all.

michellebradley84 Tue 12-Nov-13 20:53:21

I'm glad you're doing CBT, as I read your post it was just what I was going to recommend. I had terrible anxiety and depression after my first was born a year ago and really struggled with some dark days. Stick with the CBT, it really helps. Try focussing on the present and try not to take on other people's problems as your own i.e. your mums.

Things that have helped me lift myself out of the depression are going for walks, staying hydrated (its incredible how much of a difference this makes!), eating regularly to maintain your blood sugars (dips make you feel worse) and writing in a diary. Even when I don't have much to say it helps to get the thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Can I ask if you are breastfeeding? I always felt really anxious and low when I got a surge of hormones and go through really extreme anxiety and depression once a month when I would have expected my period.

You aren't alone and reaching out to people shows that you are stronger than you think smile

StandingInLine Wed 13-Nov-13 20:59:56

Hi there ,thank you for your reply smile
Not breastfeeding but still find my hormones are all over the place around my period. And was hoping with my last period my mood was just to do with the hormones but unfortunately the moods remained long after my period. The CBT has worked a bit and am definitely going to keep it up. I'm drinking about 2 litres of water a day ,anyway. Doesn't seem to have helped with the mood but skins clearer smile lol. Made sure I ate later on in the day (usually have a big lunch and then wait until about 8ish for dinner ) to make sure sugar levels stayed level and mood seems to be a bit better today. Caffeine at the moment is keeping me going which isn't the best option but if works.
Going to get a diary tomorrow and write down my thoughts end of each day and also changes to mood etc...can try and pinpoint what's affecting it.

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