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anxiety and beating it

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Hermione123 Thu 14-Nov-13 13:31:48

I have mild anxiety issues, always worse at night and find that exercise helps me hugely although I don't always find time for it...

mrsforgetfullness Wed 13-Nov-13 04:20:28

I have anxiety and have similar feelings, as well as excessive worrying about everything, fear of social situations, feeling shaky, being unable to relax, feeling that 'something terrible' is going to happen without any particular reason.

Eventually went to the docs a few days and was prescribed citalopram which seems to be having some sort of effect - it hasn't been long enough to determine whether just how much it will help though.

Tend to find that relaxation & deep breathing exercises, camomile/peppermint tea and exercise can really help too.

ExcuseTypos Tue 12-Nov-13 23:10:00

I had many of the symptoms others have described and I just got to the point that I was frightened to do anything. I didn't want to live like that anymore so went to gp.
She put me on citropram(sp?) and the difference a month on is amazing. As a pp said, it's just basic things like smiling to myself or laughing at something, things which did not come naturally before. I've also finding everyday interactions far less stressful. My only regret is not going to the gp sooner.

TheHippywhowearsLippy Tue 12-Nov-13 22:21:03

I have awful, awful anxiety. First had had depression which turned into anxiety and my biggest trigger is time. If I or someone else is late I have a massive panick attack which takes she's to recover from. No meds but as this is gerund worse (now I am becoming obsessed with cleaning) I need to go back to the doctor even thought I've been telling him about it for years!

Things which help me cope is yoga and avoiding people who cause my triggers ie persistently late people!

Hope u get help soon

Milkhell Tue 12-Nov-13 20:59:41

Ooh will try that book Holmes. I have a book by him on depression and it's great.

teawomen Mon 11-Nov-13 18:48:52

Depersonalised as if everything was a dream, knot in stomach, neasea, irritable, worried about everything, thought somthing was wrong with me. Started missing out on things even the likes of shopping I dreaded.
I used talking therapies and recently started on sertraline it's been a life saver to me even tho it's three weeks in I feel much much better. Long way to go tho. Hope ur feeling better soon.

holmessweetholmes Mon 11-Nov-13 17:54:36

I've pretty much beaten mine (touch wood!) A combination of vigorous exercise, time, and reading some very useful stuff, helped me. I really recommend a book called The Compassionate Mind by Paul Gilbert. I'm always recommending it on mental health threads (stuck record, me!) but it honestly was a revelation. Also, mindfulness meditation. I never went down the medication route. I know it works brilliantly for some people but the idea of it kind of scared me.

Grotbagstwin Mon 11-Nov-13 16:35:29

My anxiety was a massive problem, doubting my own judgment, huge knot in my stomach and a heavy feeling chest, felt constantly exhausted trying to act 'normal'.
It got to the point where I wasn't sleeping, lay awake at might worried about everything, everything was a problem, am planning my wedding and everything was a worry rather than happy, never making final decsions.
So i went doctors and I was put on 50mg of Sertraline and within 3 weeks I feel so much better, my doctor asked me when I knew I felt a lot better and I said I was driving along smiling....sounds odd but smiling seemed like a chore.

fruitandnutti Mon 11-Nov-13 16:29:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

russdb Mon 11-Nov-13 10:47:10

Can you describe how you feel with anxiety. And has medication helped. If so how?

I get a terrible knotted feeling in my groin and stomach. Increased heart rate, nervousness, fear.

Its eased off a little at the mo but absolutely hate it.

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