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Please talk to me about binge-eating disorder

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PeggyCarter Sun 20-Oct-13 20:06:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

furryjen Sat 02-Nov-13 19:06:04

I hope you get some help. I have been seeing a psychotherapist for depression anxiety and low self esteem. We aren't looking at my eating as we are Doing EMDR. I have always had disordered eating but have had a few years have kept my weight under control but still was not really eating well if I am honest. Recently my eating has got terrible as anxiety over a new job got really bad and I have put on a stone very quickly. I gave up my job and am determined to get things sorted if I can. However I am struggling with feeling that I will never get a job again, have made a mistake and have let my family down and have no money etc. I need to ignore myself if I can and remember how awful it was not sleeping etc when working and try and focus on helping my eating get sorted etc. Any ideas would be great but just wanted to offer support. What would you like to change about your eating? Maybe make a list of problem areas and what you do well. I am not a great cook and feel like I am letting my family down as I don't even plan meals and shop well at the moment. I end up with nothing for tea and then make something dull or rubbish which doesn't help. Have made small change to breakfast which isn't low calorie but healthier. Maybe it's one step at a time. Wonder if your therapist could suggest good website or book for practical help on tackling binge eating? I know that's a lot about me but thought might help?

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