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Health anxiety

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NudeRevengeWiggle Fri 18-Oct-13 10:31:09

I have just about had enough of this now sad

I have had CBT which helped somewhat but not much. I went back to the GP, I'll be honest, to ask for meds cos I can't cope with it anymore. He suggested CBT, I said I've tried this, is there a different therapy I can try if that's the route you think is best? Oh, CBT is what is usually used so if it hasn't helped we will leave that then. OK, what about meds? 'I don't like to prescibe anything at this stage'. Sat there waiting for me to leave.

The thing is, I also have genuine reason to be worried about my health, having some blood tests in two weeks and I don't know how I am going to cope until then sad and then of course the wait for the results sad

I just want to feel calm, I haven't relaxed in a year. Any tips? Please?

monikar Fri 18-Oct-13 11:59:03

Oh dear, I am sorry to hear this, anxiety is so hard to deal with. I don't think anyone really understands unless they have been through it themselves. There are a few other ladies who will understand on this thread:

As I said on that thread - what helped for me was trying to distract myself. This is easier said than done - I did the technique of naming 5 things in my head in the room which were red, then 5 which were blue, and so on. You can do this when you are out too - as I said on the other thread, I was checking myself in the supermarket, it was that bad.

Being outside in the open air can help - try doing something a little aerobic like sweeping up leaves or walking - the feeling of the air above your head does help a little.

If you really feel you would benefit from medication would you consider seeing another gp in the practice? Some are more willing than others to prescribe something.

Hope that helps a little flowers .

NudeRevengeWiggle Fri 18-Oct-13 12:17:01

Thank you, and thanks for that link. I have just moved practice and was hopeful of seeing this new GP so was left a bit deflated, I could try another GP.

I can relate to checking yourself in the supermarket, there doesn't seem to be any break from it does there? You're constantly on high alert no matter what you're doing, it's shit.

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