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health anxiety

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hopeliss Mon 14-Oct-13 11:18:02

has anybody ever found a cure for health anxiety. it has plagued my life for 7 years and don't see an end to it. awful day today.
ps never been on mumsnet before. sorry if this is the wrong place to raise this.

phlebas Sat 21-Dec-13 13:43:58

I have three other children they will be destroyed if anything happens to their baby brother. My poor baby.

phlebas Sat 21-Dec-13 14:45:02

Seen GP who isn't at all worried - going back on Monday to talk about getting ursine screening test for ds as I can't let this one go. More worried about me - have Valium to get through weekend dh is taking youngest children to my mum's so I can sleep (I haven't slept for 3 days). Christmas Eve is due date of baby we lost half way through pregnancy. I find this time if year very difficult.

WasWats Sat 21-Dec-13 15:37:01

If the GP was at all concerned, he would have sent you to the hospital with ds. It is nothing to worry about. It is just a blotch which will probably be gone by tomorrow. Christmas is so hard you you, your worries are valid, just not the way they are presenting if you know what I mean.

Nothing will happen to your son, nothing at all. Holding your hand from afar x

WasWats Sat 21-Dec-13 15:40:05

I am in a state myself, I showered dd2 and saw a cluster of marks on her back, am afraid it is leukaemia. I thought dd1 had it last week. Fucking hell, how stupid this bloody anxiety is. How bloody stupid, i am so angry now at it. I am re-posting this quote from VIOLATOR

Anxiety is anxiety. It is a persistent bugger and will latch on to whatever your 'weak' spot is. For you guys, it's health. Not surprising, given the constant stream of adverts, leaflets and warnings about illnesses we get bombarded with!

Anxiety is a lie. It's a pure lie. It starts with a thought. That thought then takes off into a spinning circle and all you need to do is stop that circle spinning and it'll stop.
Sounds so easy eh? It's not, but it does work.

treaclesoda Sat 21-Dec-13 17:05:45

you're both having a horrendous day, I wish there was something I could do to help.

SamU2 Sun 22-Dec-13 16:18:58

Hard day here too.

Ex husband father to three of my kids passed away last week.

The thing on my mouth is worrying me. Broke down at the dentist so he referred me. I have to get through xmas. Hard enough as it is with supporting three grief stricken children.

The mark is about 2mm.. it is flat and not open or bleeding. Dentist told me a few weeks ago that it doesn't look like cancer but come back if it still worries me. GP looked and said he thought it was fine and if the dentist didn't refer me it was ok. Not bleeding, open or asymmetrical.

I have to wait a few weeks for the appointment.

I am my boys only surviving parent now. If I die their world will be even more shattered.

I can't stop looking at it in the mirror sad I want to make Xmas as stress free as possible but I can't.

I also viewed my ex husbands body and so did my children. I will never get the image out of my mind of my child sobbing into his chest asking for him to come back sad

SamU2 Sun 22-Dec-13 16:20:37

I am SO sorry for what everyone is going through.

I wish we could just beat this evil illness sad

Mrsmorton Sun 22-Dec-13 19:17:29

SamU2 I want to reassure you, firstly it is probably not cancer. Your description sounds quite unremarkable and if your dentist was at all worried in the first place, you would have been referred. Secondly, there is no cancer in the world that is more curable when it is smaller than 1cm (5x the size of your lesion) than oral cancer so even if it IS something horrid, you will be ok.

I can't admit to understanding health anxiety but I really feel for you because it must be awful to lose your DCs father and be so worried.

treaclesoda Tue 24-Dec-13 17:37:03

how is everyone today?

BoozyBoots Tue 31-Dec-13 21:22:05

Have just come across this thread, thank god it's here!
Feel like i'm going mad! I think i have cancer one minute & then am going to drop down dead from a heart attack the next. I'm 29 & have had 2 ecg's in the past, & numerous blood tests, all have come back clear.
Constantly checking symptoms online, which always send me into a frenzy of believing i have every disease/illness under the sun. What's wrong with me! My husband is supportive & often calms me down & is the voice of reason, but inside my head there is always doubt. It's so fucking exhausting!
Sorry for the rant, just good to know i'm not alone.

treaclesoda Tue 31-Dec-13 21:30:55

ah Boozy you are so not alone, join us, we all know how you feel. sad

treaclesoda Tue 31-Dec-13 21:31:16

but smile for you having found us!

TheCricketWidow Tue 31-Dec-13 21:46:07

Boozy boots- i could have written your post just about word for word. Ive just seen this thread too. Ive been off work with anxiety for a chunk of this year, at the moment its anxiety about my health that is a major problem for me. Its really getting to me but im hopeful i can manage it better in 2014.
Nice to 'meet' you all here.

Lonelybunny Tue 31-Dec-13 23:45:14

I'm 29 too , I've currently got bowel cancer and breast cancer again ! Despite loads of scans and all clears , I think it's brought on by stress and tiredness with me , hope u get better soon

WasWats Wed 01-Jan-14 10:50:30

Morning all.

I am sticking it out with my medication and honestly, I am hopeful for the first time in years. Yes I still get episodes when I am in a highly stressful situation, for eg Christmas, thinking everyone was terminally ill. BUT they are passing, I am holding onto them for a few days, not the weeks and months I did before. I wish us all good health and a quiet and non eventful 2014.

Lonelybunny Wed 01-Jan-14 13:43:44

I'm in a state today , DD isbt feeding well from
Right breast I'm having panic attacks telling myself it's cause I have a breast lump or something , god I can't keep it together today sad happy blooming new year :,( hope u all ok xx

Linz2418 Sat 04-Jan-14 01:45:38

Glad to come on here to read this thread, although it saddens me to hear your stories as i know how bas it hurts its nice to know not alone. i am new to the site and made a list of a few things i could do to help me, that I would join a mums advice site, I would write my thoughts and try some local mums groups to help me forget about my daily anxiety struggles. I have two girls who are 3 and a half, and 1 and a half, and feeling so frustrated that my anxiety is taking over. I know I am a great parent but spend hours feeling upset and worrying so much so that I feel I could be better. My dr has prescribed me meds but I've refused to take them because the leaflet that came with the packet highlighted some of my fears . I've only recently confessed to my doc as I spent years hiding it which kind of strained my marriage. Now my hubby and mum are constantly worried about me and treat me as a bit crazy which only increases my anxiety! I had my children super young which knocked my confidence as always felt judged. (I'm 24 this year)

CrockedPot Sat 04-Jan-14 04:50:26

I am so relieved to discover this thread, all or any of them could have been written by me and while you all have my deepest sympathies it is such a relief to find I am not alone.
I have had this for at least three years. I know it is this long because three years ago I went to Spain on holiday with my dh and two dcs and spent two weeks worrying about how terrible it would be for dh having to organise getting my body back to the uk when I died of a heart attack.
Since then I have been convinced I have or have had....heart disease, breast cancer, cervical cancer, tumours on the spine, in my brain....I also catastrophize events, so we buy a new car and I picture it mangled in a road accident, or I am walking down the road and a tractor is driving by (we live in a rural area! ) and I imagine it will veer off the road and kill me.
It is bad at the moment, I have not slept at all tonight (it is 4 am as I write this post, I got up to search for a cure and found you all) and I just want to be normal and stop these crazy thoughts from ruining my life and my kids childhoods (for me, I mean....I work very hard to appear 'normal' and apart from dh, no one knows how much I worry)
Sorry for the epic post. I only wanted to write a line but it all came out...would love to find a way to get out of this cycle.

treaclesoda Sat 04-Jan-14 11:48:45

I totally 'get' what you mean about working so hard to appear normal. Its exhausting. Only my husband really knows just how I feel, other people who know me think I'm always cheerful etc and if only they knew...I sometimes think i am the world's greatest actress, because most of my life is an act.

MrsDeVere Sat 04-Jan-14 11:54:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

treaclesoda Sat 04-Jan-14 11:55:37

Are you 'one of us' too Mrs DeVere?

CrockedPot Sat 04-Jan-14 12:46:26

After writing on this thread at 4 am I managed to get a few hours sleep and actually feel a bit optimistic this morning! I feel a load has been shared. I hesitated before joining the thread, as I worry (ha!) about indulging myself by thinking/talking about it, and trying to 'cure myself' by telling myself to shut up, trying - and failing - to crush my anxieties, but it never works. I am hopeful that by sharing it, and reading all of yours, it may help me to deal with my own more effectively.

CrockedPot Sat 04-Jan-14 12:49:14

Treacle - I too should get an oscar for my happy-go-lucky routine! I have confided in a few close friends, but have always underplayed it. Most people wouldn't believe it if they knew what I am 'really' like.

MrsDeVere Sat 04-Jan-14 16:23:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CrockedPot Sat 04-Jan-14 19:04:53

MrsDeVere, I am so terribly sorry for your loss, it is something I find unimaginable and I honestly don't know how I would cope with it. Have you been waiting for therapy for very long?

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