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Prozac on alternate days, want to try Argomelatine.

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NewName123 Sun 13-Oct-13 14:01:28

I have name changed for this,
I have a long history of depression which has become more obvious after the birth of my son 6 years ago. I suffer from low self esteem and I guess some social phobia. I don't really have any friends so to speak and the relationship with my husband is becoming ever more rocky.
I have been on St John's wort for a couple of years which was holding things at bay. I came off it about a month ago as I thought it was making me feel weak and tired. I started to feel depressed again after a few weeks.
Went to see my GP and she has put me on Fluoxetine. This is the only AD that I have never really tried properly before as the last time I tried it a few years ago it made me feel really agitated and made my insomnia worse.
She has put me on 20mg alternate days with zopiclone at night to counteract any insomnia.
This is going to take weeks or months to take effect isn't it?
I have read about Argomelatine which sounds great. I mentioned it to her once before but it was black triangle in the BNF and she wouldn't prescribe it.
Am seeing her again in 2 weeks but I can't see anything changing before then. I am desperate to feel better.
Anyone any advice or experiences please?xx

IsisOhIsis Tue 15-Oct-13 15:19:49

The zopiclone should kick in pretty quickly, I think. there are plenty of other anti depressants to try if you feel fluoxetine isn't right for you.

JohFlow Tue 15-Oct-13 15:36:29

Hi OP,

I have a long history of depression too - tried a few meds. Have been on Trazodone for the last 10 years but coming off as my body appears to have built up a resistance. I have posted/asked recently about Agomelatine and yes some good feedback has come back from MN users. I asked my G.P this morning about it and (just like yourself) had it refused - 'not done at G.P level , £30 per pack - too expensive'. Seems that I would have to go through a psychiatrist for prescription. There are others to try first - so Sertraline is next.

I too have the similar frustrations about not being able to use a medication that I think could work. I am also not looking forward to stepping down with the Trazodone.

Perhaps we can support each other?

NewName123 Wed 16-Oct-13 09:33:44

Hi JohFlow, yes my GP refused to prescribe it. Very frustrating because it sounds just right for me as it helps sleep. I have been on most medication over the years but they all give me side effects.
Sertraline stopped me from sleeping unfortunately. Have been on Trazadone at some point but it made me feel like a zombie.
I was kept quite stable on St Johns Wort for a couple of years. Part of me wishes I had Just stayed on it now.
Am finding it difficult at the moment with financial problems this month paired with basically having no AD cover until the Prozac kicks in.
Am very down in the dumps.
Good luck with the Sertraline, hope it works for you x

JohFlow Wed 16-Oct-13 12:50:10

Hi New - I believe that there is an underlying biological cause for my depression, anxiety, SAD and sleep disorder (without meds I sleep only every few months when my body shuts down). I believe that it has something to do with a misfiring pituitary gland ( I have some medical knowledge from studying to be a holistic therapist). The Agomelatine simulates the natural hormone Melatonin(produced by the pituitary) which is responsible for sleeping and waking patterns, body temp and appetite regulation, SAD regulation and so forth - hence my want to chase it up. I am sure I understand how strong this drug is and whether this is the reason why it is only psychiatrist prescribed.

I am surprised that your G.P would not consider a referral for you for the Agomelatine when you have already tried many tablets. I think most meds have side effects. How long have you been trying to find one that matches you?

Surely there must be more investigation early on with depression to try to find out underlying causes/biological irregularities. Seems that we are caught up in a merry-go-round of trying pills or speaking to others. I want a scan of my brain done smile.

How are you today?

It's day two of coming off the Trazodone. I'm feeling o.k this morning but had a bit of a wobble last night where everyone was irritating me. Think I feel scared to come off the meds and seeing how my body reacts. Will be having a conversation with partner tonight to discuss some of what he may expect and also to put plans in place if I really 'dip'. I trying to keep busy for now x

Megbeth Thu 17-Oct-13 16:00:45

I tried Agomelatine but it didn't help my sleep in fact it kept me awake. If gave me tingly nipples too which was weird. I gave up taking it after a few weeks. Apparently this one seems to work for some people & not for others.
Sertraline has been the best one for me with the least side effects. I have been on most AD's & sensitive to side effects. I currently also take 2.5 of Olanzapine & occasionally Clonazapam.

JohFlow Fri 18-Oct-13 11:26:31

Hows it going Newname?

It's the first time that I have heard of Agomelatine keeping someone awake Meg. Yes it does seem to be 'hit' or 'miss' with different people.

I've only ever taken one medication at once - what does combined meds give you that single dose doesn't? I'm on to Sertraline next - my fingers are crossed. I am worried about possible reduction in libido though - passionate about my good, extra lovin' grin

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