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Is anyone around? I feel like I need to talk about my counselling session today.

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mosp Wed 09-Oct-13 20:27:52

I don't really know if this is the 'done thing', but I still feel quite shaky about it.

mosp Wed 15-Jan-14 21:44:01

Good idea - I will go to OTBT smile

BigArea Wed 15-Jan-14 21:40:13

Right mosp received my message but there isn't a reply all option - mosp how about asking for your thread to be moved to OTBT? Or starting a new one there? Would that be ok?

BigArea Wed 15-Jan-14 21:29:59

Well, it said 'your message has been sent' - you will have to see if it actually arrives with either/both/neither of you! smile

BigArea Wed 15-Jan-14 21:28:12

Hello, so glad to hear you are ok. Don't feel bad for not being on here much, that is the beauty of mumsnet nobody can hassle you (until they start PMing you smile). I don't blame you for hiding that other thread I hate that sort of thing too.

Feel free to PM if you want to share something you don't want to post on the boards - not sure if you can do a group message or not? I might have a go. Really glad you are doing ok anyway Mospy smile

yegodsandlittlefishes Wed 15-Jan-14 21:08:04

Glad you're alright, mosp. I hate conflict too, and get really irrationally upset by it.

Not sure what to say about the fb message...If you don't feel you should post about it on mn, then don't. As long as you do have someone to talk it over with somewhere...You can always pm me/us. smile

mosp Tue 14-Jan-14 19:59:37

Hi, and thanks for the PM and for asking after me both of you.

I am alright, thank you. Just not been on mumsnet for a while - sorry. I tend to try to avoid anything that reminds me of my issues when I'm feeling alright, and that includes my own thread! But I realise that was selfish (and also silly because that is the only way I can find out how you two are doing)!

A while ago, I started a thread in secondary ed about my dd. Somehow, I must have expressed myself badly because one person called me 'entitled' (many things I am, but 'entitled' is not one of them!!) and then I felt it was getting derailed and accusatory. I hid the thread quite promptly, so I have no idea if it died or what happened. I really do need to get over my fear of conflict. It rules me!!

On Sunday night, I received a message from an unexpected source on fb. Shall I tell you about it? I am not really sure if I should put it on mn.

BigArea Tue 14-Jan-14 19:23:10

Me too I'm just going to PM her as I think she might get an email that way. Bit odd 'going for a walk' in an urban area I agree, we were v v v urban (city centre flat) when DD was born and I had to run the gauntlet of drunks, dealers and untrained dogs running free to get anywhere. I hope you're not dealing with any of the above! We're out of the city centre now and right next to a gorgeous park which is heaven.

yegodsandlittlefishes Tue 14-Jan-14 11:45:53

Local area is urban, so felt a bit odd. Lots of people walk their dogs (wish they would all clean up after them) as the back roads are fairly quiet with good pavements. There's a more rural park I walk to in the summer but it's very muddy when it's had a bit of rain.

Hope mosp is ok.

BigArea Mon 13-Jan-14 22:04:12

Well done re walking that sounds great. Is it rural where you live? Sorry about weird encounter, sounds like it was their issue rather than yours - but would have shaken me too. Good for you not letting it put you off though.

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 12-Jan-14 18:26:35

I'm doing alright. carrying on with my walking and working out when to increase vitamins to manage this. Had a weird encounter with someone in a local shop telling me I'm 'always in there asking stupid questions' which upset me a bit (it's not true, I've asked sensible questions twice grin ) and it has made me determined to keep walking in my local area and not be put off by it.

I wasn't looking where I was going today, got out of car and fell down the steps out of the car park and grazed my knees! Still managed a 3 mile walk though. smile

Hope your DD is better soon, bigarea!

How are you doing, mosp?

BigArea Sun 12-Jan-14 17:53:42

Hello both, how are you? I am well, although DD is poorly this weekend bless her so I have been doing lots of soothing and laundry smile. Hope 2014 is shaping up well for you both.

yegodsandlittlefishes Wed 01-Jan-14 19:45:48

Happy new year! Still staying by the sea, enjoying long walks and fresh air.

BigArea Tue 31-Dec-13 13:00:16

Happy new year! Wishing you both a good 2014.

mosp Tue 31-Dec-13 11:42:20

Just checking in to say happy new year to you!!

I have to buy a new diary today. Hope you have fun things planned smile

yegodsandlittlefishes Sat 28-Dec-13 21:00:54

Hello there. Had a lovely Christmas day. Now staying by the sea in a flat DH has rented for a while until his contract down here finishes. All rather lovely, but no wifi, so posting has been pretty tricky (have attempted several times!)
Hope you're both enjoying the break.

BigArea Fri 27-Dec-13 18:45:56

Awww that's bittersweet isn't it - I'd not computed that she would be away for Christmas. Chistmas with your brother and niecephews sounds lovely.

How was your Christmas yego?

We had a lovely time thank you, feeling very lucky. Although had the seasonal row with DSis today over sleeping arrangements when DM and DSdad come to stay tomorrow (that's 6 people, a large dog and 2 guinea pigs in a 3 bed) - have rearranged everything to madam's liking now, DH and I shall be in the lounge with the GPs! grin gah I was so annoyed with her but over it now. Fa la la la and all that

mosp Thu 26-Dec-13 22:33:30

Yes, we are alright. Missing dd1 hugely though, but only one month now until I get her back. She must be happy though - she has not tried to contact me smile

We always spend Christmas with my brother and family. They are lovely and hospitable, but I always feel a bit homesick. Also, they are well off and I'm not so I always feel that keenly! However, my dd2 has been loving being with her cousins!

How are you??

BigArea Thu 26-Dec-13 21:35:06

Hello, just checking in to see if you are both surviving the festive season! Hope all is well

BigArea Tue 24-Dec-13 11:40:22

Wishing you both a warm cosy and happy Christmas smile

My user name comes from a very immature double entendre about a Then Jericho song which I made at an 80s festival in the summer. Couldn't think of a better nickname at the time and still can't now! I've wondered what mosp stood for (and think it's very sweet) but have heard 'ye gods...' before smile

Hope you are both feeling well and have a lovely day tomorrow xxxx

yegodsandlittlefishes Tue 24-Dec-13 08:40:17

Happy Christmas mosp and bigarea and anyone else who peeks into this thread over the next day or two.

mosp Tue 24-Dec-13 08:33:27

Happy Christmas!!!!!

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 22-Dec-13 20:20:21

Went to a candlelit carol service tonight at a church we hadn't been to before. It was really lovely.

My name comes from something people from my childhood used to say sometimes. It is the sort of exclamation which fits in a lot on MN!

Hope you have both had easy going days.

mosp Sat 21-Dec-13 08:31:42

Just googled hashimoto's. Goodness yego- you have a lot to deal with sad. Do you take regular thyroid medication for that?

I know that new-glasses-feeling! Whenever I get a new prescription it feels like I'm going to slip off the edge of the world. Well, that's obv an exaggeration, but everything seems to slope dangerously (I have astigmatism as well as short-sightedness). I hope you get used to yours soon.

I have been meaning to ask you both - what do your user names mean or how did you choose them? Mosp is an acronym for "mother of sweet peas" because both my dds have a name starting with a P. Bit silly really, but I needed a name change in a hurry. Then it just stuck.

I had better do some wrapping today.

You have been very organised big. I love that your house looks like an amazon storehouse.

Wishing you both a constructive, happy, peaceful and pain free day!! X

BigArea Fri 20-Dec-13 23:47:57

Hope you are looking suitably brainy in your new glasses - hope head feels better soon fsmile

Shall now google Hashimotos - sounds like you have something of a niche condition?

Mospy your post made me smile re foreign languages - why not, you were using all vocab at your disposal! Poor counsellor attempting to pronounce correctly - bet she didn't foresee that in her training! Have you seen 'the french thread' this week - tres amusant fgrin although I couldn't follow it for long.

good that you are finding yourself able to carry on 'doing'. It is great if you can let yourself have some respite from the processing of stuff in between counselling sessions. Sounds like this week was a doozy so you are doing v v well to be coping better so soon after.

How is Christmas prep going? I have sorted DDs presents for her friends, and wrapped all her stuff so that's out the way. Have phase 1 - DHs family - this weekend so am now wrapping those. DH, DF, DSMum and Dsis next, and then DM and DSdad after Xmas. Presents are currently zoned around the house for accurate distribution. Feel slightly like mini Amazon warehouse. All good though.

yegodsandlittlefishes Fri 20-Dec-13 23:04:33

Hashimotos. So that could be one cause of the low iron, and am just generally low/don't have enough. Yes, have the prune juice and califig and lots of fruit to hand!

Have tried chiro in the past for shoulder and have been doing exercises I remember, which help a lot. Just don't have the money for chiro these days.

Have new glasses on today, and getting a headache from them. Hope they settle in soon!

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