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Can't get out of bed

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Messupmum Sun 06-Oct-13 11:26:59

I don't think people who haven't suffered from depression can understand that awful feeling when you can't physically do anything.

I'm lying in bed, attempted getting up and dressed a few times but it's like wading through treacle. My body feels heavy, my head feels foggy/muzzy-hard to explain. My eyes want to close but my racing thoughts wouldn't let me sleep.

I need to get up and do things but I can't even decide what to wear, even opening a drawer to get clothes out is hard work! It's so ridiculous but when you're stuck in this place, it's horrible, scary and frustrating.

I managed to have a cup of tea earlier and a biscuit, but that took a lot of energy and I found myself back in bed. Despite eating/drinking I feel so spaced out and dizzy it's like I haven't eaten for a week.

It's sunny outside but it could be raining and miserable for all I care. I hate this illness that no one can see, but it is a daily struggle and I'm expected to get on with it.

yeghoulsandlittledevils Thu 17-Oct-13 20:56:35

I can imagine. I really can. If I knew people had read my darkest or most unattractive writings when I was at my lowest ebb, I would be feeling the same way. What you, and they, need to realise is, everyone (including you) has thoughts and feelings that we don't mean, haven't decided upon, get out of our system to clear space for oneself in ones own head (if that makes sense - maybe that last bit is just me). In other words, when we write private things down, we don't necessarily express them in a way that puts us in the best light.

For example, I have felt like killing a certain person (Not any more. They're dead now actually, but not because of me.) There was even a scary time when I would dream about it. In order to free myself from the dreams, I wrote about it. Anyone finding that (now destroyed) would think I was... not a safe person to be around, which I was not and am not.

HoopHopes Thu 17-Oct-13 23:46:20

Agree with poster above, what we write is not always what we have done or will do.

Is it a professional that has this writing? If so they will know that and it should not change anything at all.

I was encouraged to write a journal, to empty my head. Writing can be helpful - some therapies use art or writing as part of their treatments.

What is going to help you right now? If you are like me you will catastrophise everything which makes everything worse. Can you challenge those thoughts and help calm a racing brain down? That is what I am meant to ( and not good at) do.

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