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Coming off sertraline

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Badgerdad Thu 10-Oct-13 11:13:10

Thanks MrsEdinburgh :-)

The counselling was a complete anti climax. Just really an action plan as to how I want to manage my drinking (something I've done many times in the past without support) I suppose regular appts with the counseller will encourage me to stick to it!!

On a positive note I have decided to wean myself off sertraline all together (currently taking 50mg every other day) I feel better already with much more get up & go & interest in things. Still trying to get in and see gp to discuss further & manage withdrawl symptoms - in my case irritability.

Iv'e been looking at the suppliment 5-htp when i'm completely rid of the sert from my system. Ive read some great reviews & like the sound of the better sleeping side, something I struggle with working shifts :-)

MrsEdinburgh Sun 06-Oct-13 20:40:43

Maybe see how you get on with the specialist counselling & as you say see your GP.
Sertraline can have the effect of blunting ones emotions. Hope you get things sorted.

Badgerdad Sat 05-Oct-13 15:12:19

Anyone got any advice apart from the obvious (going to doctor :-} )

Badgerdad Fri 04-Oct-13 22:26:24

Ist time poster on this forum & sorry for long post! :-)

Here's the history - precribed sert in 2001 for ocd & sad/depression. It worked wonderfully for a few years & literally transformed my moods especially wintertime.

Last few years I have felt increasingly unhappy on it. Dont feel any emotional lows or highs, feeling bored with work/life in general, lack of interest in activities.

I tried coming off it a few times & end up back on it a few months later as it makes me grumpy/snappy & unpleasent to be around. I find I cant tolerate minor gripes at home or work.

I tried mirtazapine earlier this year & it was great for sleep but my moods started to slip as above. I ended up getting so low I went back on the sert & had to have a month off work

I was put forward for cbt but referred from there for alcohol counselling as I tend to overdo it a bit when I'm off work (4 on 4 off)

So what do I do? Im bored to tears half the time, the thought of another long winter fills me with dread & the one saving grace sometimes is a few glasses of wine!

I'm thinking:a- stop taking a/d completely, b- try something natural instead like St Johns Wort or c- another a/d without the side affects of ssri's.

That said my booze counselling starts next week & I'm also going to speak to my g.p to discuss above.

Any advice much appreciated!!

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