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MIL anxiety

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twinklexx Wed 02-Oct-13 18:00:58

Hello all.
I am new here and this is my first post. I am hoping that those of you with more experience in MH issues than me can help.

My MIL has anxiety (doctor diagnosed) and sometimes is on medication, sometimes not. Currently as far as we know she is not.
At the moment she seems to be going through a bit of a funny phase. Her DM has recently died so that may be related but a lot of the problems have been going on for years.
She doesn't engage with everyone, e.g. if there is a group gathering she just sits and doesn't join in with conversations regardless of what they are about but she will butt in and speak to one person and change the conversation to something she wants to talk about. I find this quite rude to be honest as she does it a lot.
She worries about everything and doesn't seem to deal with things in a 'normal' way e.g. the man in the local newsagents is a bit nosy and asks how things are going but this seems to really bother her (she goes on and on about how he wants to know stuff) and doesn't just respond with fine thanks and moving the conversation on. I think some of it is a lack of social ability but I'm not sure if that is her generally or if it's all related.
Recently her manner of speaking too and about people is very aggressive. Not the words so much but the manner. I walked in the room the other day to be greeted as 'hi fatty boom boom'. I am pregnant and also a bit fat so didn't appreciate that. I think my face gave away my feelings as she started a whole explanation about how she wasn't being rude by saying that and just going on and basically making it all worse. My DH is so concerned about the aggressive nature that he doesn't want me to see her atm because he knew it upset me and thinks she will say worse.

I guess my main reason for writing is to ask if there is anything we can do to help? Her doctor will be contacting her this week. I don't know how to deal with her when she is being in these moods and I do get frustrated sometimes with her behaviour but try not to show it. Sometimes I just want to shout 'ok we get it!' about whatever it is to stop her repeating the point a million times.
Sorry it's so long.

FavoriteThings Wed 02-Oct-13 19:43:13

I dont know that I can be much help so slightly bumping this. She doesnt seem at all well does she? Will you get to know what the doctor says about her, after she has seen him? Will your husbad know? Sounds like the recent death of her mother is exacerbating her symptoms.

twinklexx Thu 03-Oct-13 09:36:27

no we won't know what the dictor says unless MIL tells us. i just feel v helpless coz i don't know what to do. I think her mum dying has definitely caused some kind of regression aas she wasn't as bad as before.

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