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please help me

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tina2111 Wed 18-Sep-13 00:42:23

No his dad only takes him sat for few hours hoping he takes him overnight sat but that is the normal with him can never rely on him he says and does different yes a lot of stress and feels like I'm going nuts :-( if I'm not entertaining son I'm cleaning and just last in bed all night thinking and over thinking I've. Lost contact with most of all my friends I became a bit of a hermit when little man was born felt like everyone was judging me for going out with mates and not got anyone really to take him cos I think not fair on him if he doesn't really see them just feeling like rubbish worthless used to be so different now hardly talk, and when I do I feel like everyone judging me I can't do right for wrong I had a gambling habit a while back which I thought I had sorted but just spent last of money I had there on online gambling now I feel so guilty and to top it off I'm now worrying about money vicious circle I'm in and can't seem to get out got credit cards maxed provident loans coming out my ears and to top it off they are now sanctioning money off me

tina2111 Wed 18-Sep-13 00:33:36

Yes I have made an appointment and also being referred by early years help team cab weren't very helpful last time and thanks for help x

MacaYoniandCheese Wed 18-Sep-13 00:01:50

There's nothing wrong with you, Lovey. It sounds like you've got an awful lot on your plate...add inadequate sleep to that and of course you must be feeling terrible. Is there someone, friend or family, that can give you a break to get out for some fresh air for a few hours to clear your head? Are you not sleeping for worry or because your toddler is up? If the former, your GP can most definitely give you something to help with that and possibly for the anxiety too. Keep posting here...lots of folks on MN who are dealing with anxiety, financial stresses and challenging toddlers flowers.

extracrunchy Tue 17-Sep-13 23:54:54

Didn't want to read and run. Sounds like a trip to the doctor would be good. Also is there a way you can get a bit more sleep? Sleep deprivation does awful things to you. Thinking of you, OP!

WafflyVersatile Tue 17-Sep-13 23:47:40

So sorry. This sounds like it is a very stressful time for anyone so it is no wonder you feel a return to anxiety and stress disorder.

Can you speak to your GP first of all. Try to get an emergency appointment.

Secondly can you speak to CAB to get advice on your financial and benefits situation.

tina2111 Tue 17-Sep-13 23:44:44

I don't know what is wrong with me I think I'm going back to anxiety and stress disorder I had before Im trying to do all steps but they are not working I have no one to talk to about it because I don't want to seem silly or them look down on me I'm a single mum to a 2yearold and have a lot of stress with debt and loans in private let and contract up soon have had about 6 hours sleep allweekend and to top it off iI missed a work focus interview and now they have put to decisionmakers mmaking me feel even worse :-( someone please tell me I'm not going mental I can't stop overthinking

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