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Hospital Psychiatric Assessment??

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tigerlillyd02 Mon 16-Sep-13 12:17:38

A close friend of mine suffers with depression. After an incident yesterday she had far too much to drink and was admitted to hospital when she failed to wake up. She takes medication for chronic pain and so theres a concern that she tried to take her own life.
This isn't the case, she's just been very silly.
The hospital have kept an eye on her and she's fine today, but theyre awaiting a psychiatric assessment and then hoping to send her home later on today.
What does this mean and what does it entail? Will she be admitted to a psychiatric hospital? I'm really concerned. I cant visit until 2pm and my stomach is in knots.... please advise! The hospital wont tell me much.

fluffydressinggown Mon 16-Sep-13 13:56:19

It is normal for the hospital mental health liasion team to see someone who has MH problems before they are discharged.

They usually do an assessment, so talk to you about how you have been coping, ask about the support you have, that sort of thing. It is very unlikely that she will be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. They may make suggestions about further support, and if you friend sees MH professionals normally the hospital liasion team sometimes contact them just to let them know what has happened.

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