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Challenge from my Psychologist. Write down 3 positive things a day. Join me?

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fuzzpig Thu 05-Sep-13 20:10:16

Background in brief - history of abuse and lengthy depression, self harm, lots of therapy in teens inc psych ward stay. Now suffering from CFS (also known as ME) and having CBT as part of the treatment.

So, we were talking about low self esteem, negative inner voice etc, and she suggested doing this to gradually build up evidence against these thoughts. I've done similar briefly in the past but having done a lot of psychological 'inner work' this year I feel ready to make it stick and I thought doing a thread on it would make me more likely to bother!

I'm off to watch telly with DH in a mo (Big Bang Theory 6 arrived yesterday grin) so won't be back til tomorrow but if anyone wants to do this with me then jump in! Could be stuff you've achieved, nice things that have happened etc.

Mine are:

- Had my consultation over the phone for the first time - was worried it'd feel weird but I stuck with it and found it really helpful.

- Contacted a friend to arrange a meet up while he's visiting home (I hardly ever initiate anything like that)

- Wrote in my treatment journal the same day as my session, instead of leaving it for weeks!


MajesticWhine Fri 11-Oct-13 22:09:28

Some positives for today:
- Had a nice day seeing friends and spending time with DD3.
- Got some exercise
- I met 3 new people who I really liked.

iMe Fri 11-Oct-13 23:01:45

1. Had a lovely autumn walk in the forest.
2. Got some peace in the kitchen to do some cooking and baking, all of which went down well.
3. Visited an elderly acquaintance in a nursing home, which hopefully did something to brighten their long lonely day.

spanky2 Sat 12-Oct-13 19:31:00

I got myself some anti nausea medicine. I wish I'd known about it before.
I sat about all afternoon because I feel rubbish. Usually I would have tried to carry on like normal.
My dsx2 came for a cuddle with me.

fuzzpig Sat 12-Oct-13 22:29:29

- had fun at work exploring the new layout and learning about the changes to our work procedures.

- narrowly escaped an embarrassing situation tomorrow - we are going to the MN movie screening and I got all confused thinking it was in the wrong place! But thanks to MNers' speedy responses I now know what I'm doing and am no longer panicking/risking 4 3 very disappointed girls tomorrow. AND I'm managing to laugh at myself rather than being devastated at my ineptitude smile now THAT is progress! smile

- about to go to bed properly, at a decent time. smile

iMe Sun 13-Oct-13 19:38:35

1. Lovely brunch out with family.
2. Cliff path walk.
3. Had so much to do when we got home again but I managed to do it all without getting stressed or shouty and didn't even have a headache afterwards!

ColouringInQueen Sun 13-Oct-13 20:26:35

hi all,

1. very proud of dd this morning
2. cooked good roast pork
3. getting sorted on DDs birthday plans

iMe Sun 13-Oct-13 20:55:01

A lovely day here:
1. DS birthday and he is just so cute and adorable. blush
2. He got lots of lovely presents from friends and family. He has no shortage of clothes now. Everyone was just so kind and generous.
3. Cooked a delicious roast dinner for family. Dessert was yum despite having to make adjustments to the recipe to suit dietary requirements. Birthday cake I made myself was highly praised by guests at the party.
4. Got through the busy day without getting stressed. Still no headache and managed not to get angry at certain people whose behaviour I find very annoying.

FishfingersAreOK Sun 13-Oct-13 22:40:09

Hello All

1) Lovely visit with SIL in the morning
2) Lovely meal out and party with different SIL in the evening
3) A fab end to the night with DH (will not share TMI here wink

1) Gave into the hangover and mooched all day (normally try and carry on)
2) Had enough energy to make a lush macaroni cheese for us all for lunch - was a proper madewithlove nosh. A big cuddle for us all which was greeted with much enthusiasm - always good,
3)Had/having a lazy evening with trash television and MN as DH gone to bed early to recover.

spanky2 Mon 14-Oct-13 19:03:48

Got myself some stronger anti nausea medication from the doctors.
Didn't lose my rag with ds2 who was massively attention seeking.
Listened to my dh rather than think "I'm ill look at me!" There was abit of that but I was less seething after!
Ooh cliff top walk sounds nice.

ColouringInQueen Mon 14-Oct-13 20:14:13

1. Got the house cleaned and burned a few calories at the same time!
2. Bought myself a gilet
3. Watched the end of a film I recorded yesterday

iMe Mon 14-Oct-13 22:26:33

A not so good day todaysad . BUT:
1. There is money in the a/c to pay the bills.
2. had some me time in the bath.
3. the sun shone.

Speaking of gilets, I wore mine today for the first time in years. It must be about 10 years old and I am proud it still fits after 2 DC smile Enjoy yours, colouring.

This thread is really helping. Today was one of those days that I know I would have just sat down and cried because I would have focused on the negatives rather than looking for the positives. So thank you, fuzzpig. thanks

musicposy Mon 14-Oct-13 22:41:24


1.Watched DD2 who has a part in Swan Lake with English Youth Ballet. She's a swan so one of many but it was still amazing. In tears at the end (in a good way!)
2. Had a lovely chat to some of the other mums and dads whilst I was there waiting.
3. Ate a cake and then DD1 brought a doughnut home for me. I didn't want to eat the doughnut but gave in to please DD1, which is a good thing.

Today -

1.Picked DD1 up for lunch from college and had a nice coffee
2.Teaching in school went much better than I expected
3. Had a long hug with DH

Like iMe I would probably have been focusing on the negatives today so this thread is very helpful smile

iMe Tue 15-Oct-13 19:51:56

Another bad day here so trying hard to focus on positives.
1. Better from last week's infection but I feel like I'm coming down with something else now.
2. Another bright Autumn day here and the children played nicely together outside for a good part of the afternoon.
3. I lit the stove good and early so the house is toasty warm now.

fuzzpig Tue 15-Oct-13 20:33:12

It's so lovely to read all the positives and that it's helping people! I'm finding it becomes more automatic as I get more practise at finding the positives. Although I've been a bit lazy writing them blush


- great time at the MN screening of Cloudy 2 film - really funny, we all laughed loads

- Talked to one other mum there and felt proud I'd managed to, as opposed to the last time when instead I just felt annoyed at myself for not speaking to more people! See, the positive thinking is really taking effect!

- had a nice dinner at Westfield (was supposed to be lunch but had to wait ages!) which was a big treat for DSDs as they don't get to eat out much


- really nice time at work, it was our first day open after the refurbishment and it was lovely showing customers the changes and all mucking in together as we tried to muddle through any tricky bits.

- got a nasty comment from a regular, I was/am upset but didn't go to pieces and talked it through with a friend at the time. I know he's generally bitchy though so I'm just reminding myself that it says much more about him than it does me that he felt it appropriate. It was a comment on the fact I use a chair for things where everyone else stands - how dense do you have to be to not think maybe there's a reason for it hmm

- read more of my book (keep being lazy and not reading lately)

ColouringInQueen Tue 15-Oct-13 21:44:46

That's great fuzzpig grin

1. had some picture ideas grin sketched them out and still think they're ok
2. had nice chat and lunch with friend
3. had nice session with dd looking at some winter clothes

FishfingersAreOK Tue 15-Oct-13 22:04:14

1) Managed a trip round Sainsburys and was nice to get some bits and browse
2)Found a top to go with a skirt that I have had for ages and struggled with what to put with it
3)Made some yummy cheese and egg muffins with the DCs

1) I went to the gym for the first time in weeks (due to broken foot). Managed a bit of a work out - though plastercast a tad restrictive grin
2) Wore new top with skirt and felt fab
3) Only 10 days til the plaster cast comes off (healing dependant).

musicposy Wed 16-Oct-13 00:29:11

Really bad day today - a very elderly man just drove straight into the back of us at a roundabout as if we weren't even there. However I think this thread is really helping me cope with stuff smile

1. After we were let out of A & E, DD1, DD2 and I went to Costa to cheer ourselves up. We had a toffee nut caramella coffee and an egg and mushroom muffin each and it was YUMMY

2. DD2 came and sat on my lap and gave me a hug and said she didn't care she was 14 and in public. I think she was still feeling very shaky but I just thought it was lovely and made us both feel better.

3. DD1 bought me a cherry cake as we were leaving Costa out of her own money and bought one for her sister too which I was really touched by. They were so supportive to each other today smile

I feel better already writing that. fuzzpig we're all quite keen to see Cloudy 2 so good to hear you enjoyed it!

iMe Wed 16-Oct-13 19:29:07

musicposy sorry to hear about yesterday, that sounded scary. Hope today has been much bettersmile .

1. Had a bit of an anti-procrastination day so got lots achieved eg. dentist appointments booked (overdue a checkup for over a year now) etc.
2. Started counting a BIG bottle of coppers, bagging them up for the bank, not finished yet, but so far have £23!
3. Nice phone call chat with a friend.

ColouringInQueen Wed 16-Oct-13 21:50:07


1. dad over today smile
2. decided about gilet and bought it smile
3. bedroom wallpaper is up and it looks v grown-up!

ColouringInQueen Thu 17-Oct-13 19:59:21

me again!

1. did an ok painting at college
2. nearly organised for a mammoth weekend
3. had a good chat with other painters

iMe Thu 17-Oct-13 22:46:02

1 Bright sunny day again so kids played nicely together outside for most of the afternoon.
2 Got house cleaned
3 Didn't get roped into doing something I didn't want to get involved with, phew!

fuzzpig Fri 18-Oct-13 22:16:29

The days are flying by this week!


- got round the school run problem by getting the bus into town with the DCs to meet DH and get gloves for school

- restful afternoon to myself watching scrubs!

- DD wanted to do some English work for fun - really glad she's started to enjoy stuff like that


- nice chat with friend at work

- went back to art club and had fun

- survived the shift despite feeling like crap


- made an awesome soup for lunch

- played some piano which the DCs enjoyed

- DCs didn't even ask for their iPad time so a screen free afternoon for them


- DD had a great time on her school trip and is full of enthusiasm for the current topic

- didn't go to pieces when I made a minor mistake at work - just feel better prepared for the future

- led a baby rhyme session at work, first time for ages but went well smile

fuzzpig Fri 18-Oct-13 22:22:08

And just caught up with recent posts OMG musicposy that sounds horrible - glad you coped so well and hope you are feeling ok. Your DDs' supportive behaviour is a real credit to you smile

Feelingscrewedup Sat 19-Oct-13 12:06:17

Made some herbal tinctures.

Got my children to tidy their rooms.

Feeling organised with work.

ColouringInQueen Sat 19-Oct-13 19:51:30

Toasting marshmallows on fire pit at lovely brothers

Successfully looked after twin nephews for 24 hrs

Enjoyed some autumn sunshine

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