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Emotionally impulsive personality disorder..any opinions or experiences?

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SirBoobAlot Fri 23-Aug-13 21:51:44

Personally I prefer Emotional Intensity as it seems to say it a bit clearer than any of the others!

I hope you can access some treatment, OP.

UnicornCentaur Fri 23-Aug-13 04:01:31

Like sirboob says they are the same thing

my psych calls it 'emotionally unstable personality disorder' too but has said its a different name for BPD... im not entirely sure but I think its to do with the diagnostic manuals DSM has BPD and ICD has EIPD... I'd prefer them to agree.on one bloody name grin

HoopHopes Thu 22-Aug-13 23:18:32

Oh does your area have a personality disorder team under mental health services or a team for people with complex mental health issues? If so could you ask to be referred to them for assessment for treatment? Or to a CMHT though not all work with people with personality disorders it seems, as they vary. But your psychiatrist will know where to refer on. As you say he is a psychiatrist not a counsellor.

HoopHopes Thu 22-Aug-13 23:15:27

How did he diagnose? Did you have the SCID tests ( long set of questions!) I have not heard of EIPD but of EUPD which is the same term as BPD but depends if use the ICD or DSM for diagnostic terms.

I imagine if you are managing to work and a single parent then you may not fit the criteria for the year long course that is BPD. People here often have to jump through lots of hoops before they get that treatment anyway as there tends to be a long waiting list for it on the NHS and I imagine those more severe get higher up the list. But the fact you are getting that amount of support from a psych is great ( and not usual where I live) so can the psych offer any treatment of is the psych just a diagnose and medicate person.

If you had lots of counselling on the NHS they may not offer it again as you say it is not always effective for everyone. Could you draw up a crisis plan, would that be helpful? Can you discuss medication that can help when you are impulsive, even if short term?

There are mindfulness c.d.'s that you can buy. My psychiatrist recommended some, but I forget who they were by exactly!

DippyDoohDahDay Thu 22-Aug-13 12:16:53

Yes I got those confused though its the same thing..he did kind of explain that. Maybe it's just me!!
It's a post code lottery for psychiatrists here, and I have the one allocated. He has a good reputation for being one of the more empathic ones and is long standing, but I don't think counselling is for me as I have had loads and I watch myself go in circles!

SirBoobAlot Thu 22-Aug-13 12:10:48

Emotionally Unstable PD is another name for Borderline smile

Honestly I'd be looking for a different psych, he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about tbh.

DippyDoohDahDay Thu 22-Aug-13 12:06:46

Just googled too. Think it's emotionally unstable personality disorder " of the impulsive type". Can hear him sayin that now. Think he is tryin to emphasise the impulsivity. Sorry, I know I sound confused. Meds have flattened me a bit recently, but I do feel like have been far less reactive and made far fewer regretful choices. Still have days where I just don't want to be here though!

DippyDoohDahDay Thu 22-Aug-13 12:00:56

Thans for reply. Definitely said is emotionally impulsive p d. First said borderline, then said emotionally unstable but now emphasised the impulsive bit. Am a bit peeved as I have bought books on borderline now and he alternates between saying its an off shoot of borderline, then that it's something different. Have pushed for debt but I have to have a case worker for this to happen and am not severe enough. I feel like I am psychiatrists pet project as he has made several comments about how he is giving me counselling, although is not supposed to, as an acknowledgement of our partnership working ( as mentioned up post, am an addictions worker and our paths often
En cross with mental health services). I will push again though..
Hope you are ok. I have seen some of your posts on borderline thread, some old ones though, and saw you had struggled with day to day sometimes too

SirBoobAlot Thu 22-Aug-13 11:48:56

I've never heard of Emotionally Impulsive pd. Emotionally Unstable pd, and Emotional Intensity pd, yes. Have just googled Emotionally Impulsive, and it doesn't seem to be coming up as a diagnosis of it's own; it's either suggesting BPD, or the three types of emotional and impulsive PDs.

DBT is also a treatment for BPD.

I wonder if it's worth clarifying with your psych exactly what is going on? And would also push for DBT regardless, even if it means you have to go on a waiting list; if you're on high dose meds and seeing a psych once a month, it would be better for you (and them, push that!) to have long term treatment like DBT.

DippyDoohDahDay Thu 22-Aug-13 11:43:00

Hi. I have recently been diagnosed with this after several years of very erratic moods, but not in a set pattern enough to be diagnosed with bi polar, I mean, highs or lows not long enough. My marriage has broken down and recently divorced. He was a very difficult man to be with, but I guess I was hard work at times. Am now a single mum to a three and a five year old, five year old recently diagnosed with high functioning autism. I have a stressful job in addictions and money very tight. Children's dad soon to return to his home country. Have supportive parents.
I feel very flat. Everything is a chore. Am on max dose of sertraline and on 15mgs aripriprazole. Psychiatrist seeing me monthly for a half hour session but cannot get on dbt course as not "severe" enough. Anyone else with this diagnosis? Psych started off saying borderline pd but has tweaked his diagnosis. Wondering what I can do for support?
Thanks for reading.

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