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9 year old with paranoid schizophrenia and autism

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HopeAndFaith86 Wed 21-Aug-13 10:41:23


I am parent with of a 9 year old who has Paranoid Schizophrenia as well as Autism, I am going to keep things a short as possible, if there is anything else you’d like to know don’t hesitate to ask me but for now I will just give you some examples of his behaviour

His Schizophrenia (A few examples)

Pacing up and down with his hands behind is back mumbling to himself
Whispering to himself
Conversations with himself (but he is always fully alert, if I call him or speak to him he will answer immediately)
Bizarre thoughts and beliefs, the belief he has at the moment is that the devil is coming for him at night (sent from my fiancé, my daughters Dad who he believes works for the devil – due to this thought my fiancé is living somewhere else) my son is also not sleeping at night.
Voices telling him to harm himself and others, including me (which he is acted on in the past) he has also reported of them telling him that he is stupid and bad (whenever he hears these voices he hits himself in his head with the palm of his hands in order to try and get rid of them) whenever they tell him to harm his sister he will come and tell me straight away, he tells me that he does love her but is scared to go next to her because she has done nothing wrong and she is small.

In terms of medication

He has been on numerous anti-psychotic medications, which have never completely stopped what is going on in his head, he is currently on a medication caused (Quetiapine also known as Seroquel) I was sceptical of giving it to him at first after hearing his Psychiatrist tell me that he doesn’t usually prescribe it to children under the age of 13 whom are suffering from Schizophrenia but it is one of the most effective drugs he prescribed a dose of 25mg with instructions to give it twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed, his morning dose was putting him straight back to sleep and when he did wake he would be drowsy for the whole day, I called and notified the Psychiatrist about the effect it was having on him, and I was told to half the tablet in order to lower his dose to 12.5mg, which he just making him drowsy and dribble, I have to wait other 3 weeks to see the Psychiatrist. again.

CAMHS have offered a lot of support, but I feel as if they think the answer to his Mental Illness is to admit him into hospital, he has been in hospital 4 times this year and each time it has not helped him one bit, they have allocated him a care-coordinator and she is also very helpful.

His Autism (A few examples)

Showering and changing his clothes 4 times a day.
Bed covers have to be changed every day
He eats the same food every single day for breakfast lunch and dinner and none of the foods can be touching one another (Melon Slice for breakfast, two crab sticks sliced into four pieces and 2 and a half green runner beans, for dinner, none of these can be touching one another)
He will look around the house for things to clean.

I gave birth to him a 6 days after my 17th birthday, his father was my first ever partner we were together for 4 months before I got pregnant, a few days before I found out I was going to leave him but I didn’t have it inside me to tell him, I was weak and very scared of what is reaction would be, then I found out I was pregnant the thought of aborting my unborn child never crossed my mind I was going to face up to my responsibility, I told his father that I was carrying his baby, he was happy I had this dream that me and him would now be happy together, I broke up with him when my son was 3 months old, he said he wants to be in his life and he will always be there for him. To cut a long story short as soon he realised that my son was a little different from other children his age he stopped visiting as much, when he was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia 3 years ago, him and his family cut of all contact with my son, his Fathers words were ‘when he is better call me’

My son has said to me ‘He doesn’t want to see me because I am like this’ he is a very intelligent boy with a high IQ, he is forever apologising to me, he will say things like ‘I am sorry I am like this’, ‘I am sorry that I am not like everyone else’, ‘I am sorry I can’t do the things that everyone else does’. It hurts me the most when he says things like ‘I want to die’, ‘I wish I was dead’, ‘can you ask them to kill me so you can be happy’
You can call me a horrible parent but I don’t take him out much due to the comments I hear from members of the public which mostly come from adults who I didn’t think could be so horrible ‘Is he talking to himself?’, ‘he should be in hospital’, ‘he is not well’. It is very unfair on my daughter that we don’t go out much and she does tend to ask questions about her brother and I just don’t know how to answer them.

There are days when things do get really hard for me, and I say to myself that I wish I aborted him but I quickly shake that thought out of my head, that thought should never ever come into my head. I love him he is very special and I do have faith that he will get better.

I am hitting rock bottom at the moment, but I am doing everything to stop myself.

My mum supports the both of us, my friends do support me over the phone, they never ever want to meet up, and one has even said to me ‘I don’t think you should bring him here, I’m scared and I don’t want him scaring the kids’

Is there anyone here that can give me some help and advice?

petsheep Tue 19-Nov-13 10:28:47

you are brave and fantastic, I feel so sorry for you ,what you have to face all the time.

I hope you will be Ok, I wish you all the best.

handerson91 Mon 18-Nov-13 18:32:07

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

NothingsLeft Mon 07-Oct-13 19:23:25

That's really great hope must be lovely to have him back.

piratecat Mon 07-Oct-13 19:05:14

oh god this is so very sad op. x will read rest of replies.

HopeAndFaith86 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:01:25

My son is now at home with me, there's a bit of good change. He is sitting still for longer now and can focus on reading a book and watching the television

GirlWithTheLionHeart Thu 19-Sep-13 20:05:08

How are you today Hope? (Dfanjo here) glad to see you're posting again, been thinking about you and your son.

I agree with MrsDv, if you don't think he is ready, tell them that.

Sending you love

HopeAndFaith86 Wed 18-Sep-13 20:13:36

I do think that is one of the issues, it doesn't feel as anyone wants to help him.

And I would never consider a specialist residential school for him

MrsDeVere Wed 18-Sep-13 07:10:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HopeAndFaith86 Tue 17-Sep-13 22:54:45

mrsdevere everytime he has been admitted into hospital he has had a CPN the one he has been allocated with now is really nice and she seems to care alot about him and my son does speak to her, when he has been in hospital and discharged in the past they have never given me a care package or offered me any help the only help I've really had is them allocating him with a social worker.

Nothingsleft they haven't arranged a CPA meeting yet, we did have the home treatment come in the past to give him his medication but they wasn't very helpful and came across as if they didn't want to be in my house.

As much as I want him home he just isn't ready yet his beliefs and thoughts he has at the moment would be too much for me to handle. I love my son I am just keep hope that one day he will recover.

NothingsLeft Tue 17-Sep-13 11:10:13

I've been follow this thread and think you are doing amazingly. You're DS sounds like a great little guy and I'm so sorry he's having such a difficult time. Schizophrenia is a horrible illness, his lovely nature shines through your posts.

I worked on an acute psychiatric ward for many years. If you don't feel he is well enough, please discuss it with the ward. Speak with the nursing staff if you're not getting anywhere with the consultant. the hospital will also have an advocacy service that can support you if you are struggling to be heard or in need of support.

Have they arranged a CPA meeting? this should happen before discharge. His CPN and anyone else that may be useful, social services etc should attend. You can also bring someone for you.

Otherwise they may have a home treatment team that can come and visit twice a day and support you at home for a while.

Don't let them discharge him if you're not happy he will well enough. You're his mum and main carer and they should take your concerns seriously.

MrsDeVere Tue 17-Sep-13 07:37:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HopeAndFaith86 Mon 16-Sep-13 23:14:47

My fiancé has came to his senses now I guess he was doing it to prove a point.

I spoke to the psycharist at the hospital and he was speaking about discharging my son, as much as I want him home I don't think he is quiet ready yet, although he has been speaking alot the things he is saying are very worrying. What do you all suggest?

ohmeohmyforgotlogin Thu 12-Sep-13 15:33:14

So sorry you are having to deal with all this. Perhaps the children's legal centre can help re : your daughter. He can't just take her and threaten you like that. Hope your boy is home soon.

hellymelly Wed 11-Sep-13 22:36:54

I think you should post in the special needs section too, or ask in chat which might be the most appropriate section to post in, as then there might be more traffic and so more people with experience. I am worried that your ex has just taken your child, as I am not sure how that will affect things legally. Is he thinking of trying to have her live with him ? In which case you might need some legal advice and I know there will be many women here who have been in similar situations.
I am really shocked that your ex is being so unsupportive at a time when you need as much help and support as possible. So sorry you are having such an awful time.

HopeAndFaith86 Wed 11-Sep-13 17:43:17


My daughter loves spending time with my mum, and yes he is being very unkind and saying hurtful things, he came out with 'well can't they put him in a home' I'd never let my son live anywhere else, from the start he did admit he was jealous or my son but wouldn't give me a reason.

There is no plan in place they have suggested therapy

NationMcKinley Wed 11-Sep-13 16:42:14

Hope I am sorry but I have no useful advice. I just want to say I think you're absolutely amazing. I can't imagine what you're going through and I hope to God that this dreadful situation gets sorted out. You said in one of you're earlier posts that you are not a 'strong' person. I disagree. Many many people would have thrown in the towel years ago. You have my respect. Best of luck, flowers (and flowers for your Mum too)

hellymelly Wed 11-Sep-13 16:37:21

That is terrible. How can being with her Grandmother be neglect, he is being very unkind. He should be supporting you as the mother of his child.
Is there a plan in place to help your son?

HopeAndFaith86 Wed 11-Sep-13 15:58:10

He said I have been neglecting her by leaving her at my mums house, my mum doesn't like seeing my son in hospital so she agreed to have my daughter. I don't know when he will be bringing her back he has threatened me with social services

There is no change in my son

hellymelly Wed 11-Sep-13 13:55:23

Oh no! I am so sorry. Why has he taken your little girl? Is he bringing her back? I hope your little boy is getting help and treatment in hospital.

HopeAndFaith86 Wed 11-Sep-13 12:06:07

Not too well I have split with my partner and he has taken my daughter.

hellymelly Tue 10-Sep-13 23:33:44

Hope thank you for updating . How are you coping? I am so sorry your son has been given the same diagnosis again. I am not knowledgable enough to comment further on that. I just hope he isn't too distressed by being in hospital and that you and your little girl are ok.

HopeAndFaith86 Tue 10-Sep-13 21:32:21

Good evening

My son has been re assessed by a psycharist named dr falkowski he has given my son the same diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. My son is still in hospital as he still isn't well enough to come home.

Priceliss Mon 09-Sep-13 16:35:05

Just wanted to say you are an amazing mother I cannot imagine how hard this must be and you were so young to have him and what a twat father!

Please make sure you get some kind of care a few days even once a week so you can have a break and do things for you it's so important. And don't isolate good people will understand and know his words are just words that is it.

I'm sending so much love and positive thoughts to you. Women I tell you....amazing creatures! xxx

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Sep-13 11:36:46


Just to let you know, we've edited one of the OP's posts to remove her son's real name.

hellymelly Mon 02-Sep-13 14:16:08

I wish that hope would return to the thread. I am really worried and feel dreadful that I unintentionally upset her. Hope if you read this I wonder how your little boy is now and how you are?

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