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Depressed again?

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chasingtail Fri 02-Aug-13 08:40:46

Was diagnosed with PND after DD was born (5 years ago) and prescribed Fluoxetine for 2 years. T'was amazing and seemed to lift me right out of the hole I was drowning in. Within a few weeks I felt like a different woman and life had a new purpose. Eventually came off them when it felt like the meds had stopped working (can that happen?) and I generally felt able to cope with life again.

Well now I feel horrendous again & seem to have turned into the paranoid, screaming bitch from hell. I have the shortest fuse and realise I have been screaming at DH & DCs for the best part of 3 months. Poor kids, they should be enjoying the lovely summer holiday & all I seem to have done so far is shout at at them for the slightest reason. DH told me last night how vile i was being & I couldn't disagree.

I now recognise that I'm sliding down that hole again, where everything is too much effort, I feel fat & unloveable & most of all a dreadful mother/wife. There is absolutely no reason I should be feeling like this - am lucky enough to be a SAHM, lovely family, nice home, so I see that I my behaviour is totally irrational. Did put it all down to PMS but there is no break in my venom!

Am desperate to halt this behaviour; I will make an appointment to see the doctor as this can't continue but am worried about what meds he might suggest. Would Fluoxetine work again after a long break? Am also paranoid about weight gain (vain I know) as I already feel bigger than I should be.

Many thanks x

chasingtail Fri 02-Aug-13 08:44:14

should add I feel exhausted most of the time & just want to drag myself off to a place where I don't have to speak or deal with anyone.

chasingtail Mon 05-Aug-13 19:00:49

bump ? x

Caster8 Mon 05-Aug-13 19:10:05

I cant really answer your question, but didnt want your post to be left unanswered.

Yes, I think you should see the GP.
Fluoxetine - Could you put the word into search on here, and see what comes up?
Or scroll down the mental health board, and see what is on there about it?

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