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Overwhelmed with anxiety

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Caster8 Thu 01-Aug-13 15:47:04

From what I can remember, a baby will sleep if it needs to.

Might be best of you repost on the baby part of MN? They will have loads of help and advice.

Catnap26 Thu 01-Aug-13 09:46:20

I have always suffered with anxiety but since having my second baby (only 53 weeks between the first and second)I am feeling exhausted with anxiety.i have been diagnosed with post natal depression and I'm getting all the help offered but I am still feeling permanently anxious.whats making me most anxious is my second son who is 8 weeks old.whenever he is awake I just feel permanently worried that he isn't getting enough sleep.some days he will literally sleep all day and others he won't sleep at all and is very frizzly those days.he definitely has wind problems and is lactose intolerant but I don't know what is wrong with him on the days he is awake.i feel like I see no end to it all and I'm very tearful and just want someone to tell me whats wrong with him.before he was even born i was constantly fearful he wouldn't be a sleepy baby because my first one was.does anyone have any reassuring advice please?

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