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hand holding needed starting ads

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Clarella Thu 01-Aug-13 08:26:41

thing is I have a huge phobia of ads following a terrible time on seroxat many years ago.

am starting sertraline as am bf. Im terrified and feel sick. I almost feel that it's easier to just get on with life mad ride the bad days as fannying on with mh people makes me embarrassed send desolate. on the other hand I can't just get on and enjoy life at the mo.

my son is gorgeous and I'm missing it.sad

I'm so so scared of feeling worse. trying to get my head round it.

Clarella Thu 01-Aug-13 08:27:26

mad, send = and.

ironic typos!

Bragadocia Thu 01-Aug-13 09:02:44

I had an awful time on seroxat about 15 years ago, and I can see why that would put you off. Remember, they are all slightly different though, and sertraline was really good for me; I took it for three years, from just after DS' birth in early 2010, until a few months ago.
I'm not going to pretend the first few weeks weren't hard, because they were. Prepare as much as you can (plan meals, food deliveries etc in advance) to keep the pressure off, so in as much as you can, all you need to concern yourself with is you and the baby. Get as much family or close friend help as you are able to ask for (I didn't have any, other than DH, and we go through, but it was tough).

Sleeplessness was a problem when I started sertraline. I would be fine until the first wake up of the night, and then wouldn't be able to sleep again after waking to feed DS. It was hard, but you can accommodate it - feed lying down during the day, so you can doze while the baby feeds, and if you are BF exclusively, you can fill so much of the day just lying down and feeding together. Don't worry about groups or outings or anything much else until you're feeling up to it.

People experience different side effects though, as I'm sure you know, but I think it's really important to steel yourself for the worst! I've been on four courses of SSRIs, and have not once had a GP or pharmacist explain just how bad the side effects at the beginning can be.

It will be worth it though - really. Good luck!

Clarella Thu 01-Aug-13 09:14:55

thanks brag that's really helpful. don't think Dh realises how hard it could be but my mum seems to think it'll be ok (she's on prozac)

I'm off to get them now as I can't bear waiting.

I have an unstable thyroid which doesn't help; it's hard to know what's what but I'm finally facing the fact that anxiety is always there even when that's well.

back at work in 4 weeks confused

Clarella Thu 01-Aug-13 09:53:38

well, I've gone to a different pharmacy (too embarrassed to go to normal one) and lovely pharmacist reckoned the low dose was nothing to worry about. might make me sleepy though? Dr thought would pep me up in the day and help sleep at night.

if dh weren't constantly on about ds's sleep (or lack of) and threatening cc and constantly stressing about ds's eating (or lack of) I wouldn't be half so stressed. but I have spent a lot of my maternity leave convinced there's something wrong with ds and awake all night worrying about it. so maybe I do need help. oh and my whole pregnancy too.

I am completely up and down today. no family near by though mum happens to be staying today.

tbh if I did have family near by I don't think I'd be the mess I am.

just typing out loud to try and distract myself.

supposed to be getting on with lots of work today, hence mum helping outhmm

HoopHopes Thu 01-Aug-13 13:09:38

Hi why not seek reassurance about sleep and eating with your ds with your husband present in front of your health visitor. If HV concerned she will refer you to a paediatrician and if she is not then you know all is ok and it is your dh that is causing the anxiety in you and if he continues doing that then the problem is him and not you so hopefully you should sleep and rest better!! Sometime relatives can actually cause anxieties and I am a great believer in tackling the issue so if that is the issue then seek reassurance for it from right people. And perhaps ask to see HV on your own and tell her your anxieties. Mine was great at telling me my ds was ok and it is normal etc which did go in eventually!!

Clarella Thu 01-Aug-13 14:08:06

thanks hoop hopes, we've sort of done that and dh admitted he's been v worried that ds had low birth weight at 42 wks though packed the weight on quickly and settled between the 9th - 25th centile. now i see that as great but dh frets over it. which is silly as ds is very healthy! (except bladder reflux which was a little stressful but there's much worse!) dh has bought so many vitamins etc and wants him to grow up healthy and strong. viewed my breast milk as inferior to formula for a bit (I sorted that out!) esp when ds was doing the distractions thing (and fed all night!!)

all completely normal bf baby, he's just a frequent waker. I'm happy cosleeping but at time anxiety has buggered that.

but thanks for the suggestion. the hv suggested she met dh which scared him off!grin

kizzie Thu 01-Aug-13 15:35:17

Hi Ive had various probs with starts up of Ad's (inc seroxat) so agree with Bragadocia that its good to be prepared for a couple of weeks. Not to put you off taking them - just so that you make things as easy possible for yourself. The side effects tend to lessen after a while so easy meals, no extra pressure and let yourself rest whenever you can for the first few days. Try and get addicted to some complete twaddle on the tv ('Real Housewives of wherever' ! blush).

I think if drs were a bit clearer about the potential side effects in the first few days it would make it easier for people to cope with them - but when they appear out of the blue and you already feel awful it can feel like too much. Whereas an honest - 'You might not feel great while these settle in your system. If you feel too bad come back to me - but otherwise be gentle withe yourself till things get easier' would be easier to cope with.

Hope you feel better really soon.

HoopHopes Thu 01-Aug-13 15:45:31

Sounds like you have a wise HV so definitely remind him of that and book a joint appointment if he keeps stressing you. My ds was born on 50th centile and was between 9th and 25th centile until he was 14 months old when increased weight. I bf exclusively and HV always very happy. So hope you can listen to HV and ignore the anxieties of dh!

Clarella Thu 01-Aug-13 21:40:06

honestly those bloody centile lines, really cause a lot of unnecessary worry. angry

Clarella Thu 01-Aug-13 21:43:32

yes she is good, unfortunately I've been feeling rather untrusting of hvs following constant fobbing off over awful bf issues which ended up being silent reflux, massive over supply / let down and a bit of tongue tie, (days of refusal and screaming) though the fraught process (where a gp made me feel a right wally ) uncovered bladder reflux too.

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