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Terrible PMT

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Abitstressed Wed 31-Jul-13 16:08:19

Hi all,

I'm looking for advice, as I'm really suffering. I am finding I am real short fused and unmotivated prior to having my period. I know this is normal for many women but this has gotten worse over the past few years. I have always known I have a tendency to feel a bit low but I have traced when my mood dips, during the dips I also get massive cravings for carbs, and this starts two weeks prior to having my period, and then increases progressively as I get closer to having my period. Today my toddler was being hard work but was in nursery so I was saved, but I felt so angry. I'm mindful that I realise it is my "time of the month" but I'm really desperate. I have loads to look forward to but my mood is rock bottom. I have to function, especially as I have a little one. I went for a run, but it hasn't helped.

Has anyone found anything that has helped?

CastroIsDead Wed 31-Jul-13 21:05:20

i started a thread on general health about this 2days ago. same as you im so grumpy with my ds plus awful headaches i can't function properly. im going to see my gp. some contraceptives can help. someone recommended magnesium as well. hope you feel better soon

Mumblepot26 Wed 31-Jul-13 22:22:50

Watching with interest, have the same problem, my poor children

AnythingNotEverything Wed 31-Jul-13 22:30:34

I can't cope without evening primrose oil. It takes 2-3 months to work, but evens out my rollercoaster so I barely notice I'm approaching my period. Of only I could cure fat week!

It also helps your hair, nails and skin, stops my boobs feeling so sore, lightens flow AND reduces cramps.

I have had dreadful pmt over to years, to the point of wanting to leave my wonderful husband or give my amazing DS up for adoption!

Abitstressed Thu 01-Aug-13 10:06:01

I am partly glad to hear I'm not alone, but sad to hear that others suffer the same way. I am sorry I hadn't looked at previous posts, I then searched for pms amongst the mumsnet site and it seems lots of others have suffered.

I did have a coffee yesterday and my toddler was being a handful prior to nursery, I had to go into the other room, I nearly had the impulse to smack him as he kept doing what I told him not to- funny how the little ones pick up on this type of thing. It was then I though I have got to do something about this, I'm either on the edge of tears, or completely short fused, like a stretched elastic band ready to ping at any time. I'm also a carb monster. I ate half a loaf of bread for breakfast!

I have to say my PMT has got a lot worse since I since I stopped breastfeeding, that was over a year ago now. The first two periods after that were horrific. Then it got a bit better, but not much.

I thought I used to have low moods but now, on reflection I think it has all been related to the premenstrual period.

I felt fuming yesterday, and usually exercise helps, but as soon as I stopped running I felt really angry again. Anger isn't something I, or many people have sympathy with. I had also been eating quite healthily and it was a case of "stuff it" - er, excuse the pun- yesterday.

I read that low carb can reduce circulating levels of hormones and may therefore reduce pmt, but that isn't something I can do when pmt arrives- I'm a carb fiend and even worse without them. This has been my worst one for a long time, I don't feel full and although I feel angry I feel really tired. I will honestly be 20 stone if I don't watch it!

I will definitely try the evening primrose Anythingnoteverything. This has gotten so bad, I row with my husband, but love my son to bits, he can be a pain in the bum sometimes- he is a toddler and normally I find it funny or I just put him in the quiet place or just go along with it- tantrums usually last 50 seconds and he can usually be quite easily distracted away from them i.e. "oh look a monkey lol, but yesterday I happily dropped him off at nursery, on reflection I can see he is learning, it's not fair on him, he gets worse when I snap at him.

I was given fluoxetine- for low mood -a while ago, which I didn't take, I hesitated in taking them for many reasons but since tracking my moods, I realised my moods are completely connected to PMT. In fact, I was ill during pregnancy and my husband - who had no sympathy with pmt, understandably thought it was an excuse for grumpiness- but my moods were fine, despite being so sick and in and out of hospital! I did decide today to self treat and have read taking fluoxetine for the two weeks prior to having your period can help (I am currently due on in four days so I haven't started two weeks as recommended, but I'm just desperate). I had been taking premherb and have to say that makes no difference. I also take omega -3 every day and suspect that makes no difference either. This month has been a bad one, I just woke up feeling really low thoughts for no reason - we had just booked a holiday and had everything to look forward to.

I don't know if it's connected, but this month we went out for drinks with friends and, I haven't drunk very much since having my child however, ahem, we had one night whereby we had a few too many and I felt very ill the next day and I don't know if that has negatively affected my hormones this month.

I am cautious about taking the pill, it made me sick when I was younger and I would be frightened of having more tim feeling like this (I have heard it can make pmt worse initially). I also worry about the weight gain, I am a foodie, and usually pretty balanced but premenstrual I go like a person with binge eating disorder... and I'm almost sure that's the hormones directly or indirectly affecting my appetite.

If anyone has more advice I would love to hear it.

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